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War Machine California Court Hearing *Update*


Earlier today Jon Koppenhaver (aka War Machine) appeared in Ventura County Superior Court for a brief hearing on the status of the state of Nevada’s request to extradite him from California.  The  hearing lasted less than a few minutes, with the former UFC and Bellator MMA fighter refusing to contest the state’s request and quickly signing the extradition papers.  Upon arriving in las Vegas, Koppenhaver will be arraigned for the charges stemming from the brutal beating of his ex girlfriend Christy Mack (an adult film star).

The now notorious fighter has an established criminal history with multiple arrests, hearings and sentencing that date back several years.  The Clark County District Attorney’s office filed seven felony charges against Koppenhaver, including counts of battery with substantial bodily harm, battery by strangulation, open or gross lewdness, assault with a deadly weapon, coercion, and two counts of battery with substantial bodily harm.

While media and public curiosity surrounding the details of this case and the alleged assailant’s social and criminal history has been effervescent, it is uncertain whether the court room will be sealed to family during his trial in Nevada.  Adult film business news site “Xbiz.com” spoke with the Clark County District Attorney’s office regarding Koppnhaver’s possible conviction.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, Tess Driver, told XBIZ, “The total amount of time he is facing, if everything is run consecutive, is 7 to 32 years, with the exception of [two domestic violence charges], the remaining counts are probationable. However, it is up to the sentencing judge as to whether he would be granted probation or not.”

Driver went on to explain that, if convicted, Koppenhaver tould face up to $52,000 in statutory fines over the seven counts against him.

After the hearing the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Captain Don Aguilar indicated Koppenhaver would be transferred to Las Vegas “soon”, yet no specific date has been set.

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