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Dana White Admits UFC Responsible for Jon Jones / Daniel Cormier Media Brawl


Stating the obvious seems to be one of his greatest talents, but don’t underestimate the power of this tactic. In a simple attempt to disarm the bubbling scorn and accusations that arose from a “less than ideal” media altercation between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier during the UFC 178 stare down, Dana White very plainly admits it was “Our bad. . .”

In Mr. Whites own words, here is the full excerpt from the UFC Fight Night post fight media scrum:

“You want my personal opinion? Our bad. It’s our bad. These guys are fighters. They’re two of the baddest dudes on the planet. They’re going face-to-face to stare off. We have to make sure that doesn’t happen and shouldn’t happen, but it did.”

“I don’t think that was something that was thought about. What happened was, when Jones went in fast and hard the way he did, he head butted (Cormier). Listen, you’ve got two of the baddest dudes in the world going face-to-face. Every time you do a staredown, it’s always explosive and anything can happen.”

“Two of my favorite things in the sport (are) the weigh-ins and the fight. At the weigh-ins, guys have been away from their families for eight weeks or longer. They’re cutting weight, fight’s the next day. They’re nasty, they’re mean, they’re irritable and it’s explosive and anything can happen. Then the day of the fight is the reason we all watch.”

“Dave ‘The Ragdoll’ Sholler, he doesn’t have a lot of experience in that position. That thing got a little crazy. It’s going to happen. This isn’t ice-skating. It’s the fight business and anything can happen at any given moment, no matter how educated the guys are, how great they are, everything is always explosive, man. Two of the baddest dudes get in each other’s face, you’ve got to be ready and make sure nothing happens.”

“I know how the clip got out there. Every time you do those transmissions, those transmissions out there, they go to tons of media and they’re jumping from station to station. Somebody was on there actually filming when they were talking. You think that’s bad? You should see the other stuff we have that they were saying to each other that people didn’t get. It was pretty nasty.”

Well when you put it that way. It wouldn’t be far from the field to say the same about a famous “accident” during one of Siegfried & Roy’s most notorious performances.

Note: The following is not a real quote, but rather just a bit of fictitious satire to give you perspective.

Mr. Siegfried after the accident, “Look, you’ve got big cats, I mean huge! They’re kinda wild. What do you expect? They’re huge cats! Yeah accidents are bound to happen. Sure we should have been a bit more careful when handling the animals but hey that’s the ‘nature’ of the business. Right?”

Unlike the rather uneventful outcome of the media brawl at the MGM Grand the injury to Roy Horn prompted the Mirage to close the show, and 267 cast and crew members were laid off as a result.

Taking into account the recent negative press that MMA has received from the actions of Jon Koppenhaver, even the slightest suggestion that MMA fighters of the caliber that Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier represent should be held back like wild animals raises far too many questions.  Questions which likely won’t win over the hearts and minds of the more moderate combat sports fans.

If Mr. White ever wants to see the sport he loves so dearly become truly accepted by the masses and regarded as more of a mainstream sport, then these sorts of “accidents” shouldn’t happen.  And if they do then there should be more severe penalties for those involved.  (More than say, a generous 6 month rehabilitation period for a relatively minor knee injury.)

Just a thought.  What are yours?  Let us know in the comments!

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