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War Machine’s Mug Shot and Gruesome Police Report *Photos*

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Undoubtably this does seem like the story that might never die.  So much publicity hasn’t been seen for such a crime since the OJ Simpson trial from 1994.  Granted since this is after all an MMA veteran we are talking about the news is certainly relevant.

Recently released images of the complete (redacted) police report, describing in rather gruesome detail, War Machine’s alleged attack on Christy Mack and her ‘friend’ (at bottom of article).  Also released to the media was Jon Koppenhaver’s (aka War Machine) most recent mug shot.

Without rehashing all the details already printed on this extremely troubling series of events.  Just follow this link to read all you might never want to know about this MMA outcast’s recent antics.

His most recent mug shot, from his arrest just days ago, shown below can be compared to one taken in 2010 from an arrest after he, yet again, attempted to evade police when they arrived at a bar where he has been accused of assault with a deadly weapon.


Taken 2014 after arrest by U.S. Marshals in Ventura County

And below you can see a similar shot from 2010 with an amazingly, almost eerie, similar blank expression on his face.

Taken 2010 after arrest in San Diego for assault with a deadly weapon.

From his expression one might assume he seems almost entirely oblivious or apathetic, perhaps even almost comfortable in these photos.  We can only guess what was going through his mind both times.

Finally, below we have the entire police report with some redacted elements for your viewing pleasure  (or displeasure, depending on your perspective).

As a side note, although Dana White has decried any the insinuation that War Machine has any association with the UFC at present.  Given the recent misfortunes with a botched press event between Cormier and Jones and Jones finally pulling out due to a meniscus tear, under different (less criminal) circumstances, this event could have been one of the biggest PR build ups to a fight leading to War Machine’s ultimate decimation in the cage.

Of course, we suspect many fans would like to see this welterweight get pummeled in the ring by either Jones, Cormier or Gustafsson, so long, of course, as he was only able to do so at his current weight class.  (We jest of course, that would never happen, but we can hope!)