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Dana White Eager to Pass the Buck on Affiliation with War Machine

Photo credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Dana White’s been absolutely livid with press. (ok, no huge surprise there) Specifically condemning their approach in covering the War Machine story.  He claims that he’s not a UFC fighter, only fought twice in the UFC and that really it isn’t worth mentioning.

To be fair most MMA media has been careful to identify the distinction between his past and present, however just because he only fought twice in the UFC doesn’t mean he wasn’t a UFC fighter.  He goes onto state that when he confronts media on the matter that they all exclaimed “What’s Bellator?”.

In his own words at a press conference in Maine, “

It’s horrible, man. Horrible. And every time I gotta look and see, ‘Ex-UFC fighter’ when the stories are written. He fought twice [in the UFC], six years ago! He’s a current Bellator-Viacom fighter. I had my staff calling these reporters are like, ‘We don’t know what Bellator is.’ And I said, ‘You ever heard of Viacom?’ That’s who he fights for. He fights for Viacom, not the UFC. They want clicks, they want readers. How unfair is it? The guy fought six years ago and he’s an ex-UFC fighter? He’s been a Bellator fighter since they started Bellator, or however long. It has been, years since he has been fighting for them. I get it, not everybody has heard of him, but it’s freakin’ Viacom.”

Leave it to Dana White to not only pass the buck but take a jab at his biggest rival in the process.  Perhaps Mr. White could do a little fact checking himself and note that he is no longer affiliated with EITHER organization.  Especially since he was released by Mr. Coker upon the allegations of the brutal beating of his ex girlfriend Christy Mack first surfacing on Friday.

Far be it for anyone to advise Mr. White on proper candor or etiquette in such delicate circumstances but perhaps it would behoove him to focus on the fact that this is a tragedy for th entire industry of MMA, not just for Bellator or UFC or any specific promotion.  But rather the real question that remains is, given his history, why the heck would anyone sign him in the first place?  And Mr. White can hardly say that the UFC is full of nothing but ideal role models.  The sheer amount of recent failed drug tests among their highest tier athletes leaves much to be desired in the eyes of fight fans who want to see fair play in the cage.


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