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Officers Used Taser to Arrest War Machine


A news broadcast by KTLA yesterday included reports from hotel guests that witnessed War Machine’s arrest.  One hotel guest recanted the incident that prompted her to contact authorities alerting them to an altercation between Jon Koppenhaver (aka War Machine) and another “petite” woman who (according to KTLA) had apparently been staying with him, at the hotel, for several weeks.

According to Mary Casamento, who called authorities, “[He was a] Big dude, big like muscles that were bigger than my thighs, on his arms.  Really, really beefy like you would think of like a Lou Ferrigno… of a guy who has ‘posture’.”

She goes on to describe the altercation, “It started as yelling, and then pushing.  Him pushing her. And him grabbing her by the hair. And then it started with hits.”  When asked what the woman was doing, “She was trying to calm him down, and then I went to call the police.”

Another unnamed hotel guest reported that the fighting started around noon that day, first inside the room and then spilled out into the parking lot.  According to that same guest, the screaming and yelling was so loud that the entire hotel was alerted to the incident.

After the broadcast, another witness (Nicolle Blankenship) to the arrest contacted the station to report that officers used a taser on War Machine to subdue him.

In Blankenship’s words, “And they were like banging on the door, trying to get it open, and they’re like, ‘Open the door, open the door. . . Finally when they got it open they yelled, ‘Gun,’ and then all of a sudden you see them shoot him with a Taser. And he got shot with a Taser and he went down to the floor, and then they handcuffed him.”

The LA Times also reported that Koppenhaver is being held “without bond” at the Ventura County Jail on a “fugitive from justice” Federal charge.

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