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What Actor Does Cung Le Believe Could Have a Career in MMA?


Who would you choose as an actor to make the jump to MMA?

A young Michael Jai White? Jean Claude Van Damm? Terry Crewes?

Feelin “Good Vibrations” and thinking Mark Wahlburg? How about Asian Sensations Tony Jaa of Ong Bak or Iko Uwais of The Raid?

Well the Asian Sensation Cung Le is under the persuasion that Magic Mike, Channing Tatum could dabble in Mixed Martial Arts if he so chose to.

“He’s strong, he’s physical and he’s not scared at all,” said Le, who worked with Tatum in the movie “Fighting.” “If he would dedicate as much time as he did in the movies [on MMA], he would do fine.”

Le has been helping Channing train wrestling for his latest movie, Firecatcher and has given him a few pointers.

“All you have to do is carry yourself like a wrestler, look like a wrestler and do takedowns and shoots like a wrestler,” Le told him. “He didn’t need to do all that.”

“It was just all drilling for two hours and he looked the part,” Le said. “Not anyone can do that in that quick of time.”

Le starred in the movie “Dragon Eyes” with Jean-Claude but the Bloodsport master didn’t leave Le with the lasting impression that Channing had.

“His technique is very clean, very sharp,” Le said. “He’s a good martial artist. … There’s a new breed these days. MMA fighters are top of the food chain. Some of them might not punch and kick as pretty as Van Damme, but it’s a different level.”

Le knows the fine line between Movie action and Octagon action.

“They’re not going to be able to do that inside the Octagon,” Le said. “They know that.”

Cung still feels as thought Channing is the guy that possesses the natural athleticism and ability to make the crossover.

“He’s very versatile,” Le said. “That’s why he’s one of the top A-list actors there.”