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Jon Jones’ Knee Surgery Complete but Rousey Can Fight on One Leg!


Jon Jones (20-1) has unleashed a myriad of commentary, both direct and indirect, from his peers in the sport of MMA.  With his recent antics at the press event with Cormier and his suddenly urgent knee injury and subsequent (no delay) surgery that prompted rescheduling the Jones vs Cormier match scheduled for UFC 178 till next spring, the question of his image and persona have been brought up by more than one commentator and athlete.

Once the injury and his request for a new fight date was announced he issued an apology to his fans on Facebook.

Jones Apology Facebook

Below you can see an Instagram post from Jones claiming a successful surgery for his knee.

While just a few days earlier he posts an odd instagram message stating “I’m Just Fake”.

So if he is fake, is his apology to be believed?  Was the knee surgery critically necessary?  More over, even with the surgery could he not recover in time to fight on the prescheduled date?

Some fans are scratching their heads, others shaking them in disappointment, while still others are reveling in this new “bad boy” persona that Jones has been embracing.  Will it be a boon or bust his career?  Regardless what fans think, some of his peers just can’t help but capitalize on the moment to both take pot shots at the champ whole exalting their own athleticism.

Ronda Rousey (10-0) was one of the most recent to chime in with a statement she gave to Fox Sports.  She stated, “I’ve been operating on one leg pretty much for a couple of years.”

See the full video segment below:


For those who can’t or don’t wish to watch it.  Choice excerpts from her interview included her explanation of the condition of her knees and how she sees herself improving now that she’s had surgery herself.

“This was actually my 4th knee surgery, and my 3rd scope. I’ve had it much worse before. I tell people I’ll fight today. If they need a fight, I would do it today. It’s going to be scary when I come back at 100%. I’ve been operating on one leg pretty much for a couple of years. Now, it’s gone to a point that my range of motion and everything is better than it has been since I was 16.”

“When I’m 100% back, I feel… No, I don’t feel sorry for people ever actually, never mind.”

Well I guess no sympathy for Jones either.  Probably not a surprise to most but if what she says is true then the women’s bantam weight division of the UFC might indeed have an unstoppable champion.

Regarding “Bones” Jones, we can only hope that his nick name also relates to his excellent resilience and recovery time when it comes to bone related injuries!