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War Machine’s Brother Blames Christy Mack Instead of Koppenhaver


War Machine’s Brother Michael Eugene Koppenhaver, spoke with BJPenn.com this week regarding recent events surrounding the allegations of his brother’s severe beating of his ex girlfriend Christy Mack. It appears as though War Machine’s Brother is defending the almost indefensible by standing up for his brothers actions.

He stated, “Christy Mack and War Machine were in fact still together, and were seen at a Bellator event several weeks ago. He returned to her home to find her having sex with another man. War Machine and the other man got into a physical altercation and Christy grabbed a knife, and War Machine in fact fought for his life, much like he claimed on Twitter when the incident first occurred. Michael went on to tell us that the reason War Machine hasn’t turned himself in is because the judge from his last stint in jail would be his judge in this case, and he feels that she wouldn’t grant him a fair trial.”

“Fought for his life” begs credulity when his supposed attackers were nowhere in his league of skill and strength. War Machine, after all, is a professional MMA fighter. Did Christy Mack really pose such a threat at a mear 5’3″ 110lbs. Broken up or not, cheating or not, the injuries she sustained were extensive, far more than appears necessary for self defense.  Is there a chance that the accused could have some unknown merit to their story?  Perhaps, but appears highly improbable and every moment War Machine delays turning himself in he adds to the skepticism surrounding his defense.

Passing the buck to the other party is a common excuse for those who feel justified by their actions. Those who have been incarcerated often make statements to the effect of, ” the judge wouldn’t give me a fair shake”, yet it is not the standard by which our legal system operates to presume that prior acts count towards future acts, unless there is a parole or other violation based on a prior plea agreement.

Some media outlets are saying there are two sides to this story, but neither side excuses the other and the greater crime will usually demand a greater punishment. Those who may feel “she got what she deserved” should consider that by the letter of the law the punishment for violent actions vs those of adultery are far, far worse. While many individuals are claiming that Christy Mack’s moral position was questionable due to her profession and her past, the same can easily said for Koppenhaver.

Bellator’s President Scott Coker has already taken a stand, one that seems fair and unbiased. Zero tolerance towards domestic violence.

If you witness or are experiencing domestic violence you can call the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE or visit their website at www.thehotline.org to receive counseling and assistance.