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Woman Crush Wednesday: Gina Carano


Our Woman Crush Wednesday is the gorgeous and talented Gina Joy Carano (7-1). Carano began her martial arts career in the sport of Muay Thai quickly transitioning to MMA. Born April 16, 1982 she has been known as an American actress, television personality, fitness model, and mixed martial artist. But before Ronda Rousey was even a thought in most MMA enthusiasts’ minds Carano’s popularity with fans and audiences helped her garner the title of the “Face of Women’s MMA” and was also ranked on the “Top Ten Influential Women of 2008” on Yahoo!



Recently, it has been rumored that Carano may be signing with Bellator. This isn’t a shocker since she worked with Bellator’s current president (Scott Coker) when she fought for Strikeforce. Assuming all goes according to rumor, Bellator is likely to build a 145-pound division around her star power. Signing with Bellator would give her the ability to not only fight and gain media attention, but to concentrate on other aspects of her career development. With her proven ability to cross from entertainment to mixed martial arts she has, if anything, shown herself to be a wise business woman that knows how to self-promote.



While Carano announced her retirement from MMA after being defeated by Cris “Cyborg” Justino, it has been rumored that she has also been in negotiation with the UFC. While a fight with the famed Ronda Rousey would be huge, it might not be the smartest move for Carano since she would have to drop from 145. No matter which promotion she chooses we are excited to see her back in the cage.


Not only a competent mixed martial artist, Gina Carano, was a nominee for the 2013 Critics Choice Awards for best actress in an action movie for her role in Haywire and has since appeared in other films including: Haywire, Fast & Furious 6 and in In the Blood.



Her beauty has been featured in Maxim Magazine and ESPN Body Issue.


This woman has ability and beauty beyond that of many others. She is a strong fighter, competent business woman, has immense talent, vibrant beauty, and truly shows that beauty and strength can live in harmony!

That is why Gina Carano is our choice for this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday.

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