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While Doing “Alpha Male Sh*t” LVPD Issues 7 Arrest Warrants for “War Machine”


If you’ve been keeping up with recent events and photos of the accused.  The slogan “I Do Alpha Male Sh*t” may have become a familiar line by now.  The troubled MMA Fighter known as “War Machine” has been accused of a barrage of crimes.  Now confirmed by the Las Vegas Police Department, who has issued the now 7 arrest warrants for Mr. Koppenhaver.

  • 1 Count Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm
  • 1 Count Battery by Strangulation
  • 2 Counts Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm
  • 1 Count Open and Gross Lewdness
  • 1 Count Assault with Deadly Weapon
  • 1 Count Coercion/Threat with Force

A list like that certainly leaves little to the imagination regarding exactly what doing “Alpha Male Sh*t” involves.  However, you may be totally unaware, and we forgive you if you are, but Mr. Koppenhaver does indeed have his own clothing line named none other than “Alpha Male Sh*t” (without the asterisk).  If you’re feeling extra morbid you can even decide to patronize the man not the run by buying some of his choice items.  And for the even more perverse you can also purchase posters and pin ups of none other than Ms. Christy Mack herself.

If it weren’t as morbidly ridiculous as it is we wouldn’t be mentioning it but for the curious at heart here is a link to the website Alpha Male Sh*t dot Com.

Team Alpha Male has some great fighters, good athletes and decent people who strive for excellence in and out of the cage and we have no idea if this brand of War Machine’s is sanctioned or endorsed by Team Alpha Male in any way.  But perhaps, just a thought for Mr. Koppenhaver, it would be best to leave the “Sh*t” out of it next time.

Also, to our readers, if you do have knowledge of the whereabouts of Mr. Koppenhaver aka “War Machine” please contact your local authorities.  Much of this story has transgressed from rumor to actual crime and that is now being investigated by the police so we do stress that any would be martial artist heroes out there just let the authorities handle this one!

Dog The Bounty Hunter being one exception of course.