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Why The WWE SHOULD Put The Championship on Brock Lesnar at Summerslam


All this hooplah and going on about how the WWE shouldn’t put the belt on a “part-timer” is nonsense. WWE has made some of its’ best money doing just that, the part-timers are normally the guys that built up some of the foundation of what the WWE is today. Chris Jericho, The Rock and now Brock, all these guys come in at different intervals in the season and provide the fans with incredibly memorable matches and moments.

It sounds good to say “part-timers” don’t deserve to wear the strap, but do they honestly not deserve it?

Brock was the youngest champion at his time (25) when he won his first title after winning the 2002 King of the Ring, in doing so he beat RVD then went on to Summerslam and defeated The Rock. He competed in major matches like the Hell in a Cell match with the Undertaker, Wrestlemania 19’s Main Event with Kurt Angle (minus the bothced shooting star press) and what many consider to be the greatest match in Smackdown history in an iron man match between the two, Lesnar was basically the front runner of the Agression Era.

He also influenced John Cena’s “attitude adjustment” finisher when the first naming of the maneuver was actually the “FU” which was meant to be a jab at Brock in a minor feud the two had.

The feud ended like it should end at Summerslam, with Lesnar’s hand raised.

He then went and had a stellar MMA career and won and defended the UFC Heavyweight title. He showed that he can not only compete but win at a very high standard in another sport and opened the door for other pro-wrestlers to be taken seriously if they so choose to jump ship. Lesnar defeated former champions, Frank Mir and Randy Couture and halted the formerly undefeated, Shane Carwin for the first time in his career.

Brock proved he could conquer another sport.

And a certain streak.

Since the UFC Brock has come back sporadically as a “part-timer” and has had some of the most entertaining matches to date.

The street fight with HHH at Wrestlemania 29, the cage match between the two at the following Extreme Rules was also awesome, “The Best vs The Beast” at the last Summerslam featuring Lesnar and CM Punk was the best match of last year in my opinion.

Then the Beast became the 1, behind the 21-1 in stopping the Undertaker’s mythical Wrestlemania winning streak at Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans.

“I said my client, became the 1 behind the 21-1 and did what no man has ever done.” – Paul Heyman.

If you don’t enjoy Paul Heyman hyping matches or wrestlers then you don’t enjoy professional wrestling.

Brock is on a major roll right now and it should continue through Summerslam, he will ensure Cena will put on a good match and the pair have already proven that they can when they work together at their previous encounter at Extreme Rules 2012.

If Lesnar is to win think of the possible match-ups or feuds that would follow.

Lesnar vs Cesaro would be an intriguing bout between two former “Paul Heyman Guys” or a match between Lesnar and Reigns where the top heel in the industry faces off against the most “over” guy in the WWE or what if Lesnar has a roll reversal and goes against the Authority? A handicap match pitting him against Randy Orton and Kane?

All these scenarios seem better than just awarding Cena with a win and a belt for the upteenth time.

How awesome would it be if Daniel Bryan could return while Brock was champion?

I can see it now, “Daniel has been fighting up the hill battles his whole life, but can he one up this heel?”

True David vs Goliath there.

All in all Lesnar not only should have the belt at Summerslam but he deserves to have it in his own right and it will open the door for more eye candy styled matches meaning more money in the WWE pot.

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