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3 Things To Remember at Hulk Hogan’s Monday Night Raw Birthday Party

Photo courtesy Hulk Hogan facebook page.

So the WWE will celebrate Hulk Hogan’s 61st birthday on tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw.


Hogan transformed professional wrestling in the 1980s, but he never could have done it without Vince McMahon. For as much good as Hogan has done for the sport, he’s also been quite awful. His conduct in and out of the cage has at times hurt the sport.

There was a time when Hulk Hogan was cool, like when he bodyslammed Andre The Giant, when he did the job for The Ultimate Warrior, and when he joined the NWO. But there are plenty of other things the WWE probably won’t mention when they celebrate the Hulkster. In case you forgot, here are 3 things to remember about Hulk Hogan when the Real American music hits tonight on Monday Night Raw. Let’s remember Hogan, all of Hogan’s contributions.

Photo courtesy gawker.com
Photo courtesy gawker.com

Role Model?
3. Just gross. Read all about Hogan’s relationship with the ex-wife of his former best friend, Bubba The Love Sponge. And whatever you do, don’t watch the video.

Photo courtesy Bret Hart Facebook page.
Photo courtesy Bret Hart Facebook page.

2. Took Bret Hart’s Spot at WrestleMania 9

For reasons no one really knows, Yokozuna defeated Bret “Hitman” Hart at Wrestlemania 9, only to have Hulk Hogan come out and defeat Yokozuna seconds after Yokozuna defeated Hart, in an impromptu match. The live crowd loved the surprise, but Hogan was not even in the title picture at the time, and had competed earlier on the card in a tag team match. Hogan was reportedly supposed to wrestle Hart at Summerslam for the title, but Hogan changed his mind and refused to drop the strap to Hart. Instead, Hogan lost the title to Yokuzuna at the King of the Ring. Hogan had a long history of refusing to do the job for smaller wrestlers.

Photo courtesy Shawn Michaels Facebook page.
Photo courtesy Shawn Michaels Facebook page.

1. Refused To Lose To Shawn Michaels At Summerslam in 2005

Hogan insisted on defeating the younger, faster, more athletic HBK. Shawn got the last laugh though, turning the match into a joke, flipping flopping all over the ring in an attempt to overdramatize the power of Hogan’s kicks and punches. Michaels may have been unprofessional in how he handled the Hogan match, but Hogan should never have put Michaels in that situation.