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Top 3 Hulk Hogan Movies


Hulk Hogan is set to return on tomorrow night’s edition of Monday Night Raw in honor of his birthday and will be joined by some of his pals throughout his illustrious career. A career that he spent much of as the face of the WWE and a long time as the champion.

When he wasn’t in the ring sometimes he would take to the big screen.

But ya know something brother? A lot of his movies were terrible, awful, dreadful, movies you didn’t laugh with, you just simply laughed at.

Here are a list of 3 that you can stomach.

3. Thunder in Paradise

IMDB Rating: 3.9

If you didn’t watch this as a kid then you may have not been present for your childhood. Then again I’m only 23, you may have watched this as an adult and hated it. Take it for what it’s worth…It was a badass speedboat. They even made it into a tv show to further milk the cash cow

Plot: RJ Spencer is an ex-navy seal who struggles to make ends meet and in order to save his jacked-up souped-up super boat “Thunder” he must wed the annoying Ms. Whittaker. When she is kidnapped it’s down to Spencer and his pal bru to save the day or risk losing it all.



2. Muppets from Space

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Hear me out, originally this list was meant to have 5 movies, upon my tireless research I discovered there weren’t 5 movies that Hulk Hogan has done that are worth watching. Yes you can drink your milk and eat your vitamins and be healthy but avoiding a majority of Hogan’s roles in cinema releases may extend your life on this Earth as well.

That being said Hogan is only in this flick for a brief period, but have you ever honestly seen a Muppets movie you didn’t like?

Plot: Gonzo is contacted by his family from space through his cereal in the morning, he gets himself kidnapped and it comes down to the gang and Kermit to rescue him and re-unite him with his family.


I had to.


1. Rocky 3

IMDB Rating: 6.6

He was “The Ultimate Male against the Ultimate Meatball!” how do you not get amped for that type of fight? Hogan was the world wrestling champion at the time and for charity went up against Rocky in all out drag down brawl for all. Easily the most fun to be had in any Hulk Hogan movie and that’s not hard to say at all… Sadly.

Plot: Rocky had been champion until he was brutally defeated by a devastating challenger and now must regain his fighting spirit with the help of his old adversary Apollo Creed.


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