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Chael Sonnen Taps Out At Metamoris IV; What Is He Fighting For?

Photo courtesy Metamoris Facebook Page.

Chael Sonnen was submitted with a rear naked choke by Andre Galvao at Metamoris IV in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Yes, that’s right, Sonnen, the guy suspended and fined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for testing positive for human growth hormone, competed in a grappling match at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Another Chael fail.

It’s too bad that Sonnen decided to compete in this event at all. It’s small time for Sonnen, a man who had main-evented multiple UFC PPVs, and was a legitimate start in MMA. Sonnen nearly pulled off the upset of the century by almost beating Anderson Silva, but his career has steadily gone down hill since that fight.

Not only did the UFC can him after his latest drug test failure, Fox also dropped him from his analyst role.

It’s odd that Sonnen, a little more than a month after his firing, would take part in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu event. He doesn’t need the money; winning wouldn’t have brought him any stature; he was competing in an event that is not his strength.

Sonnen was always a legitimate MMA threat because of his strong wrestling skills, endurance and toughness. But he’s 37 and clearly at the end of his career. A guy like him should be focusing on using his gift for gab to earn movie and television roles, guest spots on talk shows, or starting his own video blog.

Sonnen lost to a guy who was not in the same MMA league as Sonnen or many of the fighters Sonnen pounded over the years.

Sonnen apparently wanted to end his combat sports career on a high note and fight on his terms after the abrupt retirement and firing from FOX. True to Sonnen’s style, he defied the Nevada State Athletic Commission by competing at all.

Sonnen should not give a reason for people to remember him as a washed-up, failed fighter. He should save his reputation and legacy by walking away from fighting and focusing on the next stage of his career.

Sonnen will be remembered as a guy who helped build MMA. His epic microphone skills and build-up of the first Silva fight made Silva a star in the U.S. Sonnen also became a huge name in MMA circles. He knew how to sell a fight and he made people believe in him. Sonnen was such a draw he convinced UFC President Dana White to give him an eventual title shot against UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, a fight that Sonnen was not competitive in.

Had Sonnen won Saturday night, it would have been different. Perhaps that’s what he wanted. To end his career with a combat sports victory. Sonnen is already victorious for his contributions to MMA. He need not compete anymore. He has nothing left to prove.