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Frank Shamrocks’ Exclusive Interview for The Upcoming Show “Gym Rescue”


A new TV series is slated to come out on the Spike network to help gyms get into shape. “Gym Rescue” is hosted by MMA legends Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock. The 3-episode series premieres on Spike TV Sunday, August 10th at 10/9C , but you can check out an exclusive preview provided to us by Spike (seen below) just before the interview!

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With more gyms opening up in America whose goals are to help people, they may be doing more damage than good unless run properly. That is the premise of this new show. Couture currently owns a successful chain of gyms, Xtreme Couture MMA while Shamrock runs the acclaimed Shamrock MMA. They don’t ever want to count a gym out, so even when it seems helpless these heavyweights are ready to take on the task. Using tough love, they help once failing gyms learn to thrive in today’s economy.

We had the opportunity to speak with Frank Shamrock, co-host of “Gym Rescue”. Shamrock has been a key figure int he evolution of MMA and was the first to hold the UFC Middleweight Championship.  He later retired from the UFC as the four-time defending and undefeated champion. Shamrock was the No. 1 ranked pound for pound UFC fighter in the world during his reign as the UFC Middleweight Champion. He holds one of the fastest submission victories in UFC history (sixteen seconds). Shamrock has also won numerous other titles including the interim King of Pancrase, the WEC Light Heavyweight Championship and the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship. This multitalented athlete (legend) has been a commentator, featured in films and an author.

So what did Shamrock have to say about his experience with the new reality show?

Shamrock: “ you mean Besides the shoes in the gym and business attire, it was quite a bit different.It was a very different experience for me. I don’t watch a lot of realty shows, the whole genre was kind of outside my box.

“I wasn’t really prepared for the emotional roller-coaster that the show put me through , and you’ll see it when you watch it, it was really challenging “

“Randy and I are really trying to make a change in business in America and we realize that the gym is a huge part of that. While most of these people are wonderful well-meaning people, most of them are not structured to do proper business. Most of them are trying to help, but they might be hurting their members. I really enjoyed the experience.”

“The Gym is a place where people hang out and changes their lives , it was a good picture for me”

Scifighting: In the description of the show you talk about different type of gyms. Which gym was your favorite to rescue so far?

Shamrock: “My favorite was a big gym trying to keep up with chain gyms like Golds gym. Taking that task on and helping a couple of entrepreneurs going against the big boys, that one felt really good.”

Scifighting: As a gym owner yourself and being an athlete, you’ve been on both sides of the coin…did that help you in this process?

Shamrock: “I was certainly empathetic to what was going on. I’ve been in this profession I’ve learned all the rolls, I’ve gone through all that training. To me it should be second nature when you’re running a business, cause you can’t drive a car without a license, so how can you run a business without proper systems.”

Scifighting:What was it like working with randy couture again on a different project?

Shamrock: “I really enjoy working with Randy. We are comfortable working with each other, we fell into a kind of big brother little brother role. It was a good day going to work and knowing he was there. If it was a challenging, emotional, tense shoot it was nice to have a friend there and you can kind of go “ this is crazy, right?” and move forward.”

Scifighting: What’s the most common issue you encountered?

Shamrock: “Besides knowing their market, most people don’t understand their market and develop their own market in their head. They don’t really know what the people want. The second is business systems. Even down to a answering the phone, if you fumble that moment you talk to someone, and you don’t know you stuff you lose a customer. I literally sat through class after class on how to answer phones stuff like that. I thought at the time it was a complete waste of time and the most ridiculous information ever, but it was actually really useful.”


It will be interesting to see how this new series plays out, and at the very least many people may learn something of value from this program. With Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock working together they plan to take their knowledge and genuine concern for gyms to turn potential failures into thriving business ventures. The show premiers on Spike TV this Sunday August 10th at 10/9C, and believe us after hearing from its co-host, Frank Shamrock, it’s definitely a show we (you) won’t want to miss.