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The 4 Ugliest WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt Designs


In an article released yesterday on this site there was a picture that showed the new belt design for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, it was fairly basic and followed the mold of the WWE Network Logo and the WWE Title that The Rock released right before Wrestlemania 29.

Not a bad looking belt, but there have been some bad looking belts wrapped around the waist of former front men of the company.

Some lasted for a brief period of time, others lasted way longer than what they were supposed to.

Here are the top 4 God-awful, hideous, disgusting, no-good, tie a piece a meat around its neck just to get the dog to play with it, ugliest WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt Designs.


4.  The Rock’s Belt

The Rock’s belt was around for a very brief period of time and had never actually appeared on television (for good reason).

This doesn’t appear later on the list because it may be the best looking of the ugly personalized belts and I’m a die hard Rock fan.

This belt was kind of used as The Rock’s answer to Stone Cold’s Smokin’ Skull Belt which was uglier and just as a minor jab in there feud after Wrestlemania 15 in 1999.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Smokin’ Skull Belt

This hideous piece of tarnished gold looks like it smells of ashtray and high school drop out dreams with a hint of axe body spray.

It should’ve never been around the waist of a champion and the worst part is both The Rock and Stone Cold dawned this belt.

It was also a tool in their rivalry of ’99 where Mr. McMahon got involved and stole the belt but then awarded it back to Stone Cold after he beat The Rock at The Backlash: In Your House PPV following Wrestlemania 15.

Stone Cold would lose the belt to The Undertaker at Over The Edge ’99 and that was the end of the Smokin’ Skull belt much to my delight.

2. Edge’s Rated R Belt

Don’t get me wrong, I thought Edge did an amazing job of being the hell bent ultimate opportunist heel that he was. Being the guy to cash in the money in the bank contract after John Cena won an Elimination Chamber match seemed like the cheapest way to gain a belt ever. He was manipulative and his “Rated R” moniker fit him to a T with his “Live Sex Shows” with Lita and his violent attacks on John Cena’s  family. These were things that most remember when Edge was in his prime heel run.

Not that belt.

The belt (much like the bull belt) was used to poke at John Cena’s spinner belt, but like the other two belts listed it just came off tacky and not like the top guy in the business should have.

Edge defeated John Cena in the main event of the Summerslam 2006 ppv by way of brass knuckles to the back of the head and he debuted the Rated R belt on Raw shortly after. Like the other belts it lasted for a minimal time and after an amazing TLC match at the main event of Unforgiven 2006, Cena bested Edge and returned the format of the title to the spinner belt.

1. John Cena’s Spinner Belt

This belt is the single most hideous piece of memorabilia in the WWE.

Worse than Harley Race’s in ring gear after a match, worse than Vader’s singlet after a contest, worse than Tensai or Albert’s dance moves, worse than Khali and Hornswoggle’s wrestling skills combined.

This belt gives guys that buy beat up old cars and jack them up with spinning rims an excuse to.

When it shouldn’t.

The belt wasn’t “beat-up” before Cena changed it. It was the key factor of the aggression era, brought into early rivalries of The Rock and Brock Lesnar, Lesnar and Undertaker and who can forget the match with Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar as the main event of Wrestlemania XIX?

It was the Undisputed Title that Lesnar held above his head while confetti fell in the limelight of the 19th showcase of the immortals.

But in 2005 John Cena debuted “The Spinner Belt” but unlike the other belts it lasted…..8 years.

Edge, Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton, Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Batista, Sheamus, The MIz, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio all had a piece of the belt at one point or another.

It went through some incredibly great and memorable matches but none better than CM Punk vs John Cena at The Money in the Bank PPV in 2011.

Then a few months later Punk would establish himself as the guy who held the belt the longest at 434 days when….

FINALLLLYYY The Rock came back and defeated Punk at Royal Rumble 2013 and unveiled the new logo for the belt heading into a Wrestlemania 29 bout against John Cena.

All of the personalized belts looked awkward when another person had them; The skull on The Rock’s shoulder, the Rated R being hoisted into the sky by John Cena and the spinner belt around the waist of Triple H. It makes more sense to have a single, unified title that recognizes more of the organization than the single participant holding it at a point in time.

“The WWE Title should never look like a toy.” – The Rock after he unveiled the design following the spinner belt.