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The NWO to Make a Return?; A New WWE World Heavyweight Title Belt to be Unveiled? *PICTURE*


WWE had released that a special kind of RAW would take place a week from their annual SummerSlam showcase.

The RAW would celebrate Hulk Hogan’s birthday and now rumors are being raised of a reunion between Hogan and his former teammates that made him the top heel in the wrestling world in 1996.

The NWO consisting of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are both scheduled to appear on the show and it would be the first time the group would return to television since 2002 when Hogan came in to the WWE to challenge the Rock at Wrestlemania X8.

Nash is a multiple time WCW, TNA and WWE Heavyweight Champion and Hall was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for his character “Razor Ramon”.

His looks and style were crisp for the time period he was apart of, the new look for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has a crisp look as well.

Today from WrestlingRumors.net a new WWE World Heavyweight Title was being presented by HHH in what appears to be a photo shoot.

The new logo is the current logo for the WWE Network and will likely be the singular title held by the WWE World Heavyweight TItle holder, replacing the current two-titles the champion holds consisting of the WWE and World Heavyweight Title.

photo courtesty of WrestlingRumors.com

John Cena is the current WWE World Heavyweight Title holder and will put that title on the line at the biggest ppv of the summer in what is being billed as “The Fight of the Summer” when he takes on Brock Lesnar in the main event.

It is uncertain yet if the winner from that match-up will be the first to dawn the no logo.

Randy Orton was the first to hold the two-belt system when he defeated John Cena in a TLC match for both belts at the TLC ppv back in December.