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Ronda Rousey: ” Screw it, I don’t give a s***, if the Rock can become the worlds highest-grossing actor, I can have that same goal”


Ronda Rousey opened up about her plans as an actress with ESPN magazine.  In her statement to the publication she claimed, ” I want to be the Highest-grossing Actor in the world someday”. Plausible or not she “is” setting her goals rather high. Arguably one of the most famed female fighters in the UFC, at age 27 Ronda may believe she has already accomplished what she set out to do in MMA.

Rousey is co-starring in three movies set to come out in the near future: The Expendables 3, Entourage and Fast and the Furious 7. But what about her MMA career? After her last fight, which ended in seconds, she indicated wanting to take a break to concentrate on other goals in her life. (Goals like making money and getting fame.  Lots and lots of fame and money.)  An altruist she may not be but she’s definitely is something to be reckoned with when she sets her mind to doing something. She’s been quoted as saying, “Even when I was bartending, I wanted to be the worlds best, most efficient and charming bartender. Thats how I do things”.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to evaluate her ‘charm’ and efficiency in that trade, but something tells us that she’d make great tips anyway since the thought of pissing her off has and continues to scare the money right out of many people’s wallets.

We jest, we jest.  Well maybe just a little.

Rousey is coming off of a 16 second win against Alexis Davis and is already selling a fight with the yet to be signed mother of women’s MMA Gina Carano. No matter the opponent it seems every woman is another tomato can to be cracked open by Rousay. Most fights have ended in mere seconds with only one going past the first round when she fought Miesha tate for the second time at UFC 168.

With a fighting record of 10-0, confidence and ego is not something that Rousey lacks, but is there enough of both to make her an appealing and high grossing actress?

She seems to think so stating, ” Screw it, I don’t give a s***, if the Rock can become the worlds highest-grossing actor, I can have that same goal”.

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