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Twitter Reactions to Cormier & Jones’ Brawl: DC to Bones “Next time I will slap you”


A lot of fans were looking forward to a rematch with Gustafsson and Jones but every day that passes Cormier (for better or worse) is drawing more and more attention to himself.  Will he make good on his trash talk?  After the events that unfolded (rather unraveled) yesterday at the UFC 178 Press Event at the MGM Grand an outpouring of commentary from the community has been permitting the social media networks.

You know that old saying about “opinions”?  Yeah well looks like lots of people in the Pro MMA community have them on yesterdays media debacle.  Of course, no one can take away from Cormier has said himself in response to the events last night.

Check out these twitters reactions from some of the most notable names in MMA!

And the best one of all from DC himself!

No he did not throw a punch he was just trying to break it up.

And here’s the slow motion proof.

UFC 178 is set to take place September 27, 2014 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The fight will be headlined by a title fight for the UFC World Light Heavyweight championship between Jon Jones (the defending champ) and Daniel Cormier (the contender).

In a story we published yesterday we detail the events and video of a brawl that broke out between the Cormier and Jones.  Planned or not the media attention has been tremendous and is likely to result in greater viewership of the PPV event.

But, given all the back and forth from this incident, does this make you want to see the fight even more than before?  Or do you get the feeling that Cormier will just be another “tomato can” for Jones to crack open in the cage?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments or through our social media!