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Lion Fight 17 Results and Pictures

Photo by Manny Fernandes for SciFighting

Lion Fight 17 took place at Foxwoods resort and Casino in Connecticut on August 1, 2014.

The opening fight of the night is Tim Amorim vs. Pedro Gonzalez.After three full rounds of back and forth from these competitors it was called to a stop by referee Thomas Sconzo at 1:43 of the fourth round. Giving Pedro Gonzalez the Victory over Tim Amorim via TKO.

The action continues with Andy Singh vs. Victor Saravia.Dispite Saravias obvious cut to the head from an elbow he continues toattacks. He doesn’t give Singh any room in round four, he is relentless after a head kick gets through and continues with shots to the body and head repeatedly. Singh puts his hands up and it seems like he can’t handle anymore of the flurry of punches and the referee steps in. This battle was brought to an end at 1:42 seconds of the fourth round and Victor Saravia finishes it via TKO over Andy singh.

The first fight to go the distance at Lion fights was Rami Ibrahim vs. Carlos Lopez. Dispite Imbrahims best attempts to finish strong he seemingly only takes one round in this bout. He is able to land great combos and absorb elbows seemingly ineffective but it is no match for Lopez moving forward and landing devastating shots. This fights goes the distance for all five rounds.It concludes Carlos Lopez wins via Decision (Unanimous) over Rami Ibrahim .

The fights continue with Brett Hlavacek vs. Cyrus Washington.Washington gets cut in the first round of this fight about the The cut is in a bad place near the right eye. The first round seems to go to Hlavacek, but Washington pushes the second round to start. Hlavacek knocks him down with a right hook. In the third round both men bring the action to the ring by throwing punches almost in unison until the round completes. Washighton comes on strong in the next round landing a significant elbow, but the round is less eventful. Washighton then takes full advantage of Hlavacek being gassed in the last round. ultimately this fight went to the judges and comes out as Brett Hlavacek Defeating Cyrus Washington Decision (Majority).

In the Co-Main event for the evening we have Cosmo Alexandre vs. Jo Nattawut. Nattawut is throwing leg kicks but they are being checked by Alexandre. Alexandre eats a push kick to the stomach, but he continues walking down his opponent. Nattawut ends the round with a landed knee. The pace of the fight seems to be slow, lots of clinches and knees being thrown this round. Alexandre ends the round with an outside leg kick, and then throws a punch after the bell that lands. Alexandre continues to land calculated shots on his opponent. In the final few seconds of the round they both go all out with several punches kicks and knees by both competitors. Round four is rather exciting with an exchange of punches and then Alexandre moves forward and throws a flying knee almost pushingNattwut out of the ring. In the fifth and final round Nattawut winds up quickly spinning and dumping Alexandre. Spinning back elbow from Alexandre . The Unanimous decision win goes to Jo Nattawut over Cosmo Alexandre.

The Main event FInishes out the evening with Malaipet Sasiprapa vs. Justin Greskiewicz. Malaipet starts the round off dominating Greskiewicz, and goes right back at in in the second. Greskiewicz begins to land some shots. Greskiewicz is landing some hands but do little to conter Malaipet leg kicks to the body.The third round begins with both fighters exchanging leg kicks. Malaipet cracks a round kick, takes a step forward and throws Greskiewicz to the ground. The throw seems to have taken its toll on Malaipet he seems gasses. Greskiewicz is landing some significant punches and has taken control of this round. Round five starts Greskiewicz is finding his way through this fight now, landing some significant blows at this point, but not sure if its Greskiewicz lands a big kick to the head as the fight comes to and end. The fight having gone all five rounds was ultimately won by Malaipet Sasiprapa beating Justin Greskiewicz via Decision.

This Marks Malaipets 145th Victory!