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Reports of $250,000 Fine if Chael Sonnen Competes at Metamoris 4


Chael Sonnen may still have some road blocks placed in his way for his upcoming grappling competition. Sonnen, a former UFC Champion recently retired from MMA after being banned from competing in MMA for up to two years after failing a drug test for Chorionic Gonadotropin.  While the usual controversy in combat sports drug testing surrounds the abuse of Testosterone supplementation Chorionic Gonadotropin actually can artificially boost production of natural testosterone by stimulating the gonads.

Much debate had surrounded the validity of the athletic commissions decision to punish Mr. Sonnen due to the fact that the drug in question is often used to restore normal testicular function (production of testosterone and other reproductive elements necessary for conception) after cycling off of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).  In all fairness Sonnen was likely doing what he could to return to self sufficiency after dependency on TRT.

The latest controversy hitting Chael Sonnen is now aimed at his intent to face former Strikeforce fighter Andre Galvao in a competition this weekend at Metamoris 4. According to recent reports, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is attempting to stop Sonnen from competing and is even prepared to fine him an additional $250,000 if he refuses to voluntarily pull out of the match.


Metamoris 4 is slated to take place next Saturday (August 9th) at the Petersen Automotive Museum.  Given the fact that the event is outside Nevada State it is questionable how much legitimacy there is to these most recent threats.

Regardless of what the Nevada State Athletic Commission is demanding, it is reported that he still plans to compete. Sonnen has also hired an attorney to represent him in this matter and has indicated that grappling does not fall under the same rules as MMA fighting and therefore should not fall under the same stipulated requirements as those cited by the NSAC.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree with the NSAC’s position or are they overstepping their authority with this recent claim?

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