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5 Reasons Why Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz Will be an Epic Spectacle


Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz have a date with destiny on January 31st and fans should rejoice and relish the opportunity to witness these two superiors of the sport tangling together for the first time.

Of course there are the nay-sayers and the “What have you done for me lately” guys and the fact is that combined both Diaz and Silva are 0-4 in their last 4, but can you say that you really, truthfully and honestly don’t want to see this fight?

If you can, then read this article.

If you can’t then read this article because we just became best friends.

Here are 5 reasons that Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz will be worth watching:

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1. It Will Shut the “What have you done for me lately” Guys Up

As mentioned before, yes the combatants combined are 0-4 in their last four.

Before that?

28-0, both were on winning streaks of 11 for Diaz and 17 for Silva. Anderson won the UFC Middleweight Title and defended it a record 9 times. Diaz won the Strikeforce Welterweight Title and defended it 3 times. Both upon entrance into the UFC defeated long time champions, Silva defeated Franklin after he debuted against Leben and Diaz beat BJ Penn and made his face resemble that of Jessie James and Jennifer Aniston’s break-up.

With Resumes like these who wouldn’t want to make this match-up?

photo courtesy of UFC.com

2. Nick Diaz deserves to fight Anderson Silva

Why? Only 2 of Diaz’s UFC losses have came by guys that weren’t former UFC Champions.

Nick Diaz has been a champion in 3 organizations the IFC, WEC and Strikeforce like Silva who was champion in Cage Rage, Shooto and the UFC.

Nick is also the only man in history to knock out the #1 ranked UFC Welterweight, Robbie Lawler.

Silva is the GOAT but if you want the “What have you done for me lately” guys to have it broken down for them, here it is;

Silva’s last two losses were incredibly dominant beatdowns, Diaz last two losses were decisions where he was at least somewhat competitive in.

Diaz may only want the “Big Fights” but every fighter does, lets all remember Chael Sonnen lost back-to-back UFC World Title Fights.

photo courtesy of UFC.com

3. Diaz May Not Like to Fight, But You Should Like to Watch Him Fight

It’s been well documented that Nick doesn’t find fighting “exciting” or overly enjoyable but does that even matter?

Yes he fell flat against GSP but who hasn’t?

Diaz had a fun scrap with Condit, a brutal beatdown of BJ Penn, possibly the most exciting round in the history of MMA against Paul Daley in his few bouts before the St. Pierre fight.

Who could forget the epic bout against Takanori Gomi at Pride 33? Or the two early UFC battles with Karo Parisyan and Diego Sanchez?

It’s hard pressed to find a fight with Diaz that wasn’t enjoyable to some extent, and this match-up with Silva will be no different.

With 34 KO’s between the two what’s not to like?

photo courtesy of UFC.com

4. The Fight Will Happen

Barring an injury, the fight will happen, yes Nick has been shady at media events in other fights but he is in love with green.

And money.

Dollar signs will bring Diaz through the media days and all the hoop-la surrounding the event.

At least at this point in his career as MMA fans we’d hope so. Either way this fight was bound to happen, two seasoned crisp strikers going to war against the other is something that fans would pay and enjoy to see.

Photo courtesty of UFC.com

5. The Fight will be exciting.

I’ve given numbers and statistics and have already provided enough information for any simpleton to enjoy this contest.

They both do enjoy counter striking but they also run their mouth more than politicians when they are in the cage. Something will be said in the lines of trash talking and the other will react with lethal intent, no doubt in my mind. Silva has shown that he can be knocked out but has also shown he can knock anyone that is in his path out as well, except of course Chris Weidman.

Diaz has a single TKO loss that wasn’t involved with a cut and that was against Jeremy Jackson who he beat in the rematch and the rubber match way earlier in his career.

There’s 5 solid reasons why this bout will be worth the view or buy or both, in the end Joe Silva will still be proud and be praised for this match-up.




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