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*SPOILER ALERT* New WWE NXT General Manager? And What’s AJ Lee’s Fan Pet Peeve?


WWE’s developmental program to train up and coming wrestlers has proven to be a nice launching pad for some of the industry’s brightest young talent.

Their shows come on the WWE Network regularly and now they have decided to go a different route as far as who their on-screen general manager will be.

Via the annual Thursday night taping it was revealed that John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) will no longer hold the position of NXT’s General Manager.

If you were expecting Eric Bischoff to take his spot, in the words of Wade Barrett;

“I’ve got some bad news.”

Relieving Bradshaw of his duties will be the 4-time WWE Tag-Champion, 5-time WWE Hardcore Champion,  4-time WWE European Champion, 2-time Intercontinental Champion and the 2008 King Of The Ring award winner.

William Regal.

He does have the power of the punch.

Regal was a former General Manager of RAW and served as a ring side announcer for NXT and will be introduced as the new GN of NXT on the August 28th portion of NXT on the WWE Network.

Current WWE Diva’s Champion and member of the 3rd season of NXT as well as wife to CM Punk, AJ Lee has just released a pet peeve she has for fans stemming from an altercation in her past.

A fan encountered AJ this past weekend and asked to take a picture with the Divas Champ, AJ agreed but warned the fan that “no-touching” was strictly enforced.

Lee was innapropriately touched during a photo session earlier in her career when a male fan got a little too friendly and she has kept this policy for herself ever since.

Would you want to answer to CM Punk if you got too close?

Back in April at WWE’s Axxess at Wrestlemania, fans were not allowed to hug, touch, or put an arm around AJ.

In essence leaving all the guys drooling over her firmly in the up-right and lock position of the friend zone.

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