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Jon “Bones” Jones Suffers Cut Above Eye, Could Affect UFC 178 Outcome

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Jon Jones is no stranger to injury.  The last fight he had with Gustaffson left him with a pretty mashed up face.  While it’s routine for any fighter to be injured during a match it’s definitely never a good idea to get an injury before a big fight!  Jones posted a few videos to Instagram detailing his two injuries (his latest being the one above his left eye).

Although claims are being made that the cut Jones suffered above his left eye is nothing to worry about, the real question is wether that scar tissue that forms will make him more vulnerable during the fight.  Anyone who’s fought knows that when scar tissue builds up from deep cuts that the chances of that old wound opening up again upon impact are that much greater.

While a small cut may not seem like a big deal there is a lot more to the science behind scar tissue than you might imagine.  In many instances scar tissue can become lumpy and prone to rupture.  This  is called Keloid Scarring and people of darker skin are more prone to this than those with lighter skin.

To quote the NHS (National Health Services) UK Website, 

“Some scars grow lumpy and larger than the wound they are healing. This is called keloid scarring. It can happen to anybody, but is more common in people with dark skin, such as people from African, African-Caribbean and south Indian communities.”

They go on to explain how Keloid scars can cause problems for surrounding tissue.  The NHS website goes on to explain how they are formed, 

“Collagen gathers around the damage and builds up to help the wound seal over. The resulting scar usually fades over time, becoming smoother and less noticeable.  However, some scars don’t stop growing. They “invade” the surrounding healthy skin and become bigger than the original wound. These are known as keloid scars.”

Example of a Keloid Scar.

It’s uncertain what precautions Jones is taking to prevent significant scarring but it’s quite likely he has access to quality physicians who will anticipate his needs.  Regardless the facts cannot be avoided.  Now that Jones has nearly matching cuts above both his left and right eyes will he be more susceptible to an injury during his bout with Daniel Cormier at UFC 178?  Blood in the eye from a cut above can be a significant distraction during a fight and that could make the match an even tougher battle for the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

The last fight with Gustaffson was undoubtably a close one and now with Cormier coming in and two healing eye injuries, we could see the champ face is toughest challenge yet!

What do you think the odds are for this next fight?  Should Jones be worried about reopening old wounds?

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