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Women Crush Wednesday WSOF Champ Jessica Aguilar


It should be no surprise we choose Jessica Aguilar (18-4) as our Women Crush Wednesday. She recently defended the WSOF Women’s Strawweight Championship and has a clear competitor spirit. Being a beast in the cage she shows nothing but kindness in the community. We could go on about her positive attributes, so make sure you check her out.


Nothing like a women who shows strength inside and outside the cage. Mixed with her compassion and ability to be passionate about the things she cares about lands her on our top female competitors to watch.

She was the first Mixed Martial Artist to come out as a lesbian and showed her strength and convictions when she commented on an article by the Huffington post stating “The interview was transcribed in a way that announced that I was a bisexual fighter and that is not true. For the record I am not bisexual, I am 100 percent a lesbian. I am proud to be a leader for females across the globe in the LGBT world!”

Pride, strength, inner and outer beauty she is defiantly a role model for females in and out of the sport.

Make sure you keep an eye our for her to watch how she helps evolve WMMA. Below are some photos that landed her as our WCW.
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