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CFFC Fighter to Watch Darren Mima: “I Hold Myself to a Higher Standard”


We had the pleasure of witnessing New York’s Darren Mima’s (5-1) last fight at Cage Furry Fighting Championship in June. The Flyweight used his striking ability and a solid game plan in his bout against Bellator vet Claudio Ledesma. He ultimately won the bout with a decision win over the more experienced Ledesma. This win solidified Mima’s ability in the cage and earned him a title shot for CFFC August 23rd. He is slated to fight Nick Honstein at Valley Forge Casino Resort in PA

Scifighting got the opportunity to talk to Mima about his upcoming fight, and how he got here. We discussed his beginnings in MMA where Mima explained “I started training with a guy that actually watched me grow up from being a little kid to being a little bad boy street of Kingston. He took me under his wing spent a lot of time with my boxing. He’s been working close with me a few years. My cardio coach and I have been working together a few years” He went on to tell us that he started as a wrestler and just recently got into MMA, and once he took one fight he was hooked. He stated “Everyone pushed me I was a wrestler, and all my friends and family where like go into MMA and I was training and teaching at an MMA school, and they were like just do it and I took one fight and I feel in love, I was like man this is fun”. He continued “ I hold myself to a higher standard and if I like it I will train even harder and push myself to the limit I started fighting and training harder”.

We discussed his recent fight camp and if he plans to change anything he replied “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”. He reported “My training camp is going real good, my last camp went good, and this one is going real good . I’m working hard every day and trying to stay focused on the bigger prize”. We asked him what the ultimate goal was, what exactly is his “bigger prize and he said “ My ultimate goal is to have one fight in the UFC that’s my ultimate goal and I have the talent and have been working hard, say that I did something that a lot of people say it’s impossible” . We saw from Mima’s last fight that he is able to take on opponents with more experience and that nothing seems impossible at this point for this up and coming MMA fighter.

We discussed his title fight and he let us know that he is up for a challenge stating “ I know hes a tough guy and I am trying to be the champ I have to beat the champ” he let us know that he is remaining focused no matter what obstacles are put in front of him. Mima indicated he was seeing some talk through social media from his opponents fight camp but it doesn’t mess with his focus. He stated

“I am not a shit talker I just go in and do my job, I have to stay focused on that” he explained “I just have to keep calm and cool in a tough situation, pick my shots and don’t waste my energy”

Mima would like to thank his coaches and trainers Mike Wacker and Blackhole BJJ, guys up at Brunos BJJ, Kru John/John Doomsday Howard and all of Wai Kru for letting him train there, Ellis Harris of Hurricane Boxing, Sean Manna of Mad Science Strength & Conditioning, Patino Diet for sponsoring me and helping me with my nutrition, Northeast Financial Strategies, Prime Athletics (Northeast’s #1 Athletic Brand) and Sports Management Company, and his whole entire family.

When you talk with Mima your aware his mission is to win and get his shot in the UFC, and when you watch him fight it becomes obvious that his strategy is calculated and effective. All that mixed with his ability and talent is a combination to look out for. When discussing MMA he says “It’s the sport that I love”. His intentions are clear and so is his sense of motivation. That makes Mima a fighter you can always expect to evolve getting closer to his goals in the sport he loves.

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