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KoreshKov Dominates McDonough to Win His 2nd Bellator Tournament


In the Welterweight Tournament Division we see Adam McDonough Andrea Koreshkov, a former tournament winner. McDonough attempts to take down Koreshkov and fails. Koreshkov is setting the pace for this fight. Koreshkov partially lands a head kick. Both fighters exchange hits and misses. Koreshkov lands some punches, and McDonough turns in around by putting him against the cage and lands some knees, but eats a punch when he circles out. The round ends with little damage to either fighter. No significant take downs or punches in the first ro0und

The second round starts off starts off slow. Huge spinning back kick by Koreshkov, rocking McDonough. McDonough still standing and brings it back to the center of the ring. McDonough attempts a desperate take down. Koreshkov grounds and pounds from the guard, and then gets McDounghs back, landing significant strikes. Koreshkov lands more strikes. McDonough continues to be on the defense. Koreshkov lands another spinning back kick and follows up with punches, and clearly dominates the second round.

The round begins with some exchange between the two. McDonough attempts another take down and Koreshkov sprawls again. McDonough explodes up. McDonough attempts more take downs and ends up taking knees to the body and getting dominated by Koreshkov on the ground. The round ends with a clear domination by Koreshkov.

Koreshkov wins Via Decision Earning a world title shot.

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