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Karo Parisyan on Bout With Phil Baroni; “The Fight Won’t Last Long, Because He Will Be Asleep.”


Karo “The Heat” Parisyan (23-10-1) will look to bring the heat to his opponent Phil Baroni tomorrow night live on Spike.TV.

Karo is a long time UFC veteran where he went an outstanding 10-4-1 and defeated notables such as; Nick Diaz, Chris “Lights Out” Lytle, Nick “The Goat” Thompson, former TUF 4 winner, Matt Serra and Josh Burkman.

Parisyan has also fought in KOTC, became champion at welterweight in the WEC and now will be making his 3rd appearance in the Bellator cage where he has split his previous fights but most recently took out Ron Keslar by way of knockout in the 2nd round at Bellator 116.

Karo is proud of his training and even though him and Baroni were friends, he says it won’t play a factor tomorrow night.

“Training went good but we will really find out Friday night, I haven’t really trained in anything too different for Phil (Baroni). I may have grappled a little more than usual but other than that nothing too different. The former friendship won’t matter, there’s no anemocity but I will do anything necessary to get that W. That’s my main plan.”

Phil had been quoted as saying “I don’t have to work on my fu%$#&’ cardio because the fight won’t make it past the first round.”

Karo responded by agreeing.

‘He’s right, the fight won’t last that long because he will be sleeping. I can kncok him out, submit him, or maybe judo throw him on top of his head and knock him out that way. We will find out this Friday night.”

In Karo’s debut Bellator match-up he was tko’d by long time Bellator veteran, Rick Hawn in the second round at Bellator 95.

Karo wants to take care of business first then decided on his next move.

“After this weekend finishes, I’ll get the win God willing and maybe a rematch with Rick Hawn. Then he can fight a healthy Karo and not a sick Karo. If I get the win I’ll be in a place to call out whoever I want. If I get treated right here (Bellator) then I’ll be here for a long time.”