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Titan FC CEO, Jeff Aronson Talks The Mega Main Event Coming Up, Releasing Efrain Escudero and Major Plans for the Future


Titan Fighting Championships has cracked the top 5 MMA promotions in the world by signing big names, top talent, young guns and old lions. Their CEO, Jeff Aronson and his staff have worked tirelessly to bring their motto #FansFightersFirst to fruition and the company never sleeps it seems.

On August 22nd MMA fans shouldn’t sleep on Titan FC 29 Riddle vs Saunders.

At first the main event was set to be Matt Riddle vs Jose Pele Landi-Jones, things fell through but the event didn’t come close to suffering.

“Originally it was Riddle vs Pele, but Pele had visa issues with the World Cup in Brazil and all, we still have Pele signed and he’s a great acquisition. He will be on a card down the road that fans can look forward to. This new main event will be absolutely great, Riddle is coming for that belt, the Titan strap is a major strap now. We are in the top four promotions, UFC, Bellator, WSOF and Titan and we are always talking and negotiating with CBS and these guys know what’s going on and they too want to take a major step in their career. Everyday, all day we are making moves, the hiring of Tim Schultz (the South Floridian Lawyer that has already man-handled the pan-handle) to take over as general counsel and Lex McMahon (one of the most prominent names when it comes to managing and mma) will be key factors in our growth and stability.”

Part of adding key factors is by adding key fighters, and one key fighter recently added was for TUF champion, Efrain Escudero, but Efrain was recently called back to the UFC and living up to the #FansFightersFirst moniker, Jeff Aronson granted him his release.

“I gave him his grant to go back to the UFC, if Joe (Silva) calls then I’m going to let you (the fighter) go. I’m very happy he got the call even though it would’ve been nice to watch him go to war but I want what’s best for these guys.”

But the show must go on and another acquisition from the UFC, George Sotiropoulos looks to make a big splash in Titan FC, who was 1 win away from a title shot in the Octagon, reeling off 7 straight wins before dropping a fight to Dennis Siver. Jeff also picks what he thinks will be the FOTN.

“How’s Sotiropoulos going to deal with Mike Ricci? Mike is tough in the clinch, great grappler, can Soto take Mike down and go for a submission? He’s about 2 year’s removed from his Dennis Siver fight where if he would’ve won then he would’ve fought for the title. All the fights are awesome it’s gotta be Matt Riddle vs Ben Saunders, can Ben clinch with Riddle and knee him out? Or will Riddle take Ben down and implement his gameplan? Advantage in wrestling I give to Matt, striking goes to Ben but they both love the pocket, say what you want about Matt but take his record and tell me how many of those guys aren’t in the octagon. No way either of these guys give up the center of the cage to the other. ”

Aronson also goes on to elude on to some major developments as always and hints that bigger things are yet to come.

“There are some massive deals on the table right now, that if I release I’ll literally get shot (Aronson jokes), tv deals, sponsorship deals that are off the charts. Lex (McMahon) is the straightest shooter ever he’s a great fit for the Titan family. Right now fans can get on CBSsports.com and we already have a library of fights on there. Every day something new is happening and I’m also in Costa Rica right now to negotiate a sort of “Rumble in the Jungle” type of event down there with Titan.”

Fans and fighters alike can always expect positive outcomes when business is handled the Titan Fight Championships #FansFightersFirst way.