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Legacy FC 33 Results; Kamaru Usman Dominates Marcus Hicks by TKO in Round 2


170lb Welterweight Bout; Kamaru Usman (4-1) vs Marcus Hicks (11-3)

Round 1: Usman pressed Hicks against the cage early, there he lands knees to the body and foot stomps before taking the WEC veterean, Hicks to the ground. Marcus gets up but Kamaru trips him and takes him right back down, and Usman lands hard rights and lefts to the face of Hicks. Usman postures up and lands heavy right hands and lefts to the head of the much smaller Hicks. He keeps raining down heavy blows until the round ends.

Round 2: Hicks lands a left and another left to start off the round, but he then eats a left from Usman. Marcus answers with three straight body shots to Usman but is taken down again, and it’s turning out to be just like round 1. Usman (who looks just like King Mo) lands heavy left hands and right elbows and the ref could call this fight at any time. The bridge of Hicks’s nose is shattered and flowing with blood and Kamaru continues to land. He takes the back of Hicks and out of desperation Marcus attempts an a kimura but to no avail and Usman continues the onslaught and the ref waves the fight off mercifully at officially a second before the round ends.

Official Decision: Kamaru Usman def. Marcus Hicks via TKO (punches & elbows) at 4:59 of Round 2