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UFC Fight Night 45 Main Event Results; Donald Cerrone Jacks Jim Miller in Jersey via Headkick KO


155lb Lightweight Main Event Bout; #6  Donald Cerrone (23-6) vs #7 Jim Miller (24-4)

Round 1: Cerrone with a mean knee early, Miller lands a left hook and a body blow. Jim mixes up two head shots and one body shot but eats another knee from Donald. and another. Cerrone lands a leg-kick but Miller catches it and takes Donald down but not for long, Miller lands another leg kick and right then left to the body but again eats a knee. Jim blocks a head kick, Cerrone lands an overhand left and a straight right but Miller shoots for double underhooks to set up a take down but Donald takes Jim down and they both pop back up. Jim has a visible cut under his right eye, but lands a counter right but eats a body shot and Cerrone clinches for a brief period. Miller lands a hard right straight that buckled Donald’s legs momentarily but the round ends.

Round 2: Cerrone eats a straight left but barely misses a right head kick and Miller lands a right leg kick. Donald was halted for landing a “low blow” that was apparently wasn’t low on the replay and Cerrone lands a leg kick. Donald lands another straight body kick, Cerrone lands another straight body kick that makes Miller wince and Jim goes for a take down but misses, and Donald lands a side high kick. Jim lands a leg kick, Cerrone is looking for the body kick finish, but eats an over hand left, then a mega head kick lands from Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and drops Jim Miller and finishes him and the night off.

Official Decision: Donald Cerrone def. Jim Miller via KO (headkick and punches) at 3:31 of Round 2