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UFC Fight Night 45 Results; John Lineker TKO’s Altpekin Ozkilic in Dwindling Seconds of Slugfest


125lb Flyweight Bout; #7 John Lineker (23-7) vs Altpekin Ozkilic (9-2)

Round 1: Fighters circle early with little action, Lineker rips hard rights to the body and head and backs Altpekin back. John lands another hard right, Ozkilic tries for a take down and Lineker fights valiantly to get out but gets it and gains side control. John gets out and lands another hard upper cut then a leg kick but eats a right cross from Altpekin. Ozkilic lands a knee to the body then a right to John’s head, Lineker failed a take down but lands rights and lefts to the face of Ozkilic and tries for another take down then knees Altpekin on his way up, they both land to end the round.

Round 2: Ozkilic lands a left hook, but eats a left hook from John who stalks, and wades in with a right that misses and eats a left hook. Lineker lands a hard body hook but misses an upper cut, and misses a take down. John lands 2 left straights, then a left hook and right upper cut. John lands 2 left and right hooks to the body, then a right leg kick and 2 left hooks one to the body and one to the head of Ozkilic. Another hard body shot lands but Altpekin counters with a right, then a combo from Ozkilic. Altpeki lands 3 straight jabs left-right-left and then a right cross. John lands a right cross and upper cut and takes Altpekin right before the round ends.

Round 3: Lineker goes in wildly aggressive with rights and lefts and Ozkilic answers and the crowd comes alive. John hurts Altpekin and runs a tad and John lands more body hooks then a hard knee in the clinch. John lands jabs 4-5 in a row, then a jab and right to the body, then a winging right to the body to Ozkilic who backs up. Lineker has landed 29 body shots, and Altpekin is bloodied on his eye and nose. Another uppercut to the body is landed by John, then right to the body and left to the face of a crimson masked Altpekin. Ozkilic misses a take down attempt and he’s 1/4 on those, Lineker is murdering the body of Ozkilic uppercut after uppercut but Altpekin answers with a jab but he eats a hard right and is dropped. John goes in for the kill with seconds to go and lands lefts in a row until the ref stops the fight with seconds to spare and John gets his first victory on US soil.

Official Decision: John Lineker def. Altpekin Ozkilic via TKO (punches) at 4:51 of Round 3