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UFC Fight Night 45 Results; Lucas Martins Hands Alex White His First Loss via Awkward KO


145lb Featherweight Bout; Lucas Martins (14-1) vs Alex White (10-0)

Round 1: Martins lands a leg kick, White answers with a left hook then a right hook and another quickly, Martins lands a body uppercut then a front kick that has alex wobbly. Lucas lands a hard right that stuns White, Martins lands a body kick, but Alex lands a punch to the body, Martins misses two punches, Lucas lands lefts and rights to the face of White. Alex eats a right counter upper cut, Martins is outlanding 23-11, Lucas lands a left and a right again. Alex lands a light body kick, and Lucas flurries and lands body and head shots and forces White to smile and the round ends an action-packed round.

Round 2: White circles early and lands a body kick, White measures and hits a right to Lucas’s face. Martins lands a hard inside leg kick, White misses a spinning back fist, Lucas lands a combo to the face. Martins scores another leg kick but eats a body kick, and White has blood on his right eye brow. Alex lands a body punch, and eats another leg kick, but White lands two jabs to the head of Lucas, then lands a hard spinning back fist and drops Lucas for a second. Martins misses a take down and White lands a counter right hand, Lucas misses a spinning back high kick and Alex lands a hard right hand to end the round.

Round 3: Lucas lands a hard left, then a hard right but White eats it. MArtins lands another hard right to the head, then a leg kick then a monster inside hard right hand that knocked White out on his feet and he hit the mat slowly and awkwardly to end the fight and his first loss.

Official Decision: Lucas Martins def. Alex White via KO at 2:08 of Round 3