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UFC Fight Night 45 Results; Gleison Tibau Grinds the Gears of Pat Healy, Takes Decision


155lb Lightweight Bout; Gleison Tibau (28-10) vs Pat Healy (29-19-1)

Round 1: Tibau lands a hard jab early then another to follow, Gleison lands a leg kick and Tibau is going off on the stand up. Tibau doubles up and lands both times to the face of Healy. Tibau misses a right hook, Gleison is clearly the faster fighter, Tibau lands a huge take down. Gleison postures up and rains down some hard rights that momentarily stuns Pat. Tibau goes body to head with shots, and fakes a guillotine and lands to hard rights to Pat’s dome. Pat gets out and lands a right to the body, then a leg kick and the round ends.

Round 2: Tibau lands a mean spinning back fist that lands flush then effortlessly he took Healy to the mat. Gleison goes into half-guard and as Pat tries to use the cage to get to his feet, Tibau lets him. Healy comes straight forward and eats an uppercut, and eats a right hook, and Healy continues to come in and eats punishment for his cause. Gleison lands another uppercut and a stiff left, Healy lands a shot to the body and clinches along the cage but Tibau takes his back.  Then they separate, Pat lands a right then they clinch along the cage and Healy lands an elbow and eats a body kick then a right hand to end the round.

Round 3: Healy comes out landing strikes to the body along the cage, and Tibau is taking a lot of breaths while he’s being clinched with his back along the cage. Pat lands a knee to the body and another then they separate. Gleison lands a hard right, the pair bang in the pocket and Pat clinches him once more against the cage. Tibau lands a left to separate, both land hard uppercuts, and Healy clinches again but Tibau works out and lands a hard right upper cut. Then tibau pushes Pat against the fence and Pat works out, but Tibau slams Pat hard to the mat. Healy gets up and tries a take down of his own but Tibau backs him against the cage and Gleison scores a take down of his own that may have won him the fight but Pat lands hard shots to end the round of a very close fight.

Official Decision:Gleison Tibau def. Pat Healy via unanimous decision  (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)