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UFC Fight Night 45 Results; “The Spartan” Sterling Brutalizes Hugo Viana for TKO Victory


135lb Bantamweight Bout; Hugo Viana (8-1) vs Aljamain Sterling (9-0)

Round 1: Sterling with a body kick early then kicks the leg out of Viana but he gets up quick. Aljamain lands a front body kick, but misses a jump knee and eats a overhand right for his effort. Sterling ducks a right hand and takes Hugo down, and takes Viana’s back while Hugo tries to find a way up. Hugo gets up along the fence but Aljamain lands a knee to the body and another with Hugo’s back against the fence. Sterling is dictating the pace with the clinch, as soon as I say that the fighters separate. Sterling lands a nicely timed head kick, then another front body kick, then Viana lands a hard leg kick on Sterling as the round ends.

Round 2: Aljamain shows some flare by running around a bit Ali-ish, ala-Ali if you will. Sterling then clinches along the cage once more. Sterling lands a knee to the body and Viana separates. Hugo misses to straight jabs and Sterling takes Viana down with ease and enters his guard. Hugo gets out and cuts Sterling lightly with a right but gets taken down again and Aljamain is in side mount and looks to transition to mount against the cage, but takes the back of Hugo instead and looks for a choke. Sterling takes the body lock and as the 10 second claps are heard, Aljamain starts to land heavy rights as he finishes another dominate round.

Round 3: Sterling immediately takes Hugo down and lands a hard knee from side guard then some wicked elbows are landed. Aljamain secures mount position and looks for a head and arm choke with just under 3 minutes left in the fight. Sterling lands hard shots to Viana’s body then goes nuts on Viana’s face. Aljamain is punching a hole through Viana’s head and absolutley brutalizes Hugo’s face to force the stoppage.

Official Decision: Aljamain Sterling def. Hugo Viana via TKO (strikes) at 3:50 of Round 3