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Looks Can Be Deceiving! Rambutan and Its Health Benefits


As I was making my weekly grocery trip and meal plan I saw the most spectacular looking thing in the fruit section. I was unaware of what it was, or even how to eat it, I had to try it though.

I later discovered that this fruit ,that look like it hopped straight from the pages of a Dr.Suess Book, was called a Rambutan.

Rambutan is a derivative of the Malay word Rambut or “hair”, which of course fits. This fruit looks like a tiny sea creature.

Okay so I got it, I found out what it was called, now came the tough part, eating it. I learned over a Facebook post that many of my Friends who are into health and fitness have eaten this fruit and gave me instruction on how to slice the skin and eat the fruit inside. It was a very sweet surprise coming out of such an interesting case. So me being who I am, I had to research the benefits of this amazingly curious and delicious fruit.
This is what I found and it all pretty much describes a super fruit, that if you have the opportunity you don’t want to pass it up. It is considered a highly exotic fruit; however you can find it in most grocery stores. It is indigenous to Malaysia and Southeast Asia. It grows on trees and can also be grown in located in locations such as Cambodia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, India, Africa, Ecuador, Central America and also the Caribbean Islands.

The fruit is said to have many healing quality’s an copious amounts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin C.

Rambutan seeds are known to be good for the skin and hair, including hair growth by protecting against free radicals. The high amounts of Vit c have also been considered to have anti-aging qualities. Because it includes protein and carbohydrates your energy will increase and the calcium increases bone strength. It is known to help with digestion and blood formation.

Peel the skin of rambutan and also cut the skin into tiny bits. Add three glasses of water and also boil them till the water continues to be half. Let the water to get cool, strain and after that take in the liquid twice a day. Its also said that if you take 15 grams of dried skin with 3 glasses of cooled boiled water it will cure a fever.

Last but certainly not least, gentlemen, it improves sperm quality. The quality and quantity of sperm and its “ability” could be enhanced by consumption of these funky little fruits.

So While I am sure I could go on about the benefits of the Rambutan, I think you should try it and see for yourself. It is defiantly a tasty treat once you get over its prickly looks and figure out how to get to its yummy core.

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