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UFC 175 Results: Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida


MAIN! EVENT! Two of my favorite fighters are about to go to war! I assume this is how Archie Manning feels when he watches Peyton vs Eli.  Heart break is in my future no matter the result…

Knockout artist Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida (21-4) is set to fight for a UFC title for the 5th time as he takes on “The All American” Chris Weidman (11-0).


Round 1:

Both guys meet up in the middle and touch gloves.  Karate stance for Machida and boxing stance for Weidman.  Weidman comes out kicking immediately; 3 in a row.  Machida staying his distance.  Much like myself, this crowd is split. – USA chants and Machida chants.  Vintage Machida. In and out without committing to anything.  Machida throws a kick and Weidman catches it, no takedown though.  Inside kick by Weidman and then runs into a punch.  Lyoto is circling to Weidman’s left and then goes right.  Weidman is outlanding Machida with leg kicks.  Machida is looking for an opening and lands a CLEAN left to Weidman’s face.  Machida looks to have Weidman’s timing down.  Weidman lands a body kick as Machida lands a punch.  Weidman catches another kick, but Lyoto takes his leg back.  Body kick by Machida and right by Weidman… Round over


Round 2: 

Weidman outstruck Machida, but Machida landed harder.  Weidman comes out swinging, but Machida is too elusive.  Weidman is looking to pressure Machida and Machida lands a right.  Weidman is chasing Machida, but Machida is too quick.  Weidman has center of the Octagon.  Good kick to the body by Lyoto.  Leg kick by Machida. Both guys are having brief exchanges.  Jumping front kick by Weidman. Machida misses a head kick.  More brief exchanges and Weidman gets a takedown. USA chants as Weidman is trying to advance position and works some ground and pound. Machida gets up and eats some knees as punishment.


Round 3:

Weidman misses a leg kick and back peddles to avoid a counter strike.  Weidman misses a takedown, but Machida doesn’t capitalize. Machida stuffs another takedown. Third time is the charm for Weidman as he brings down Machida.  Weidman is in Machida’s guard. He’s looking to take the back, but no success. Lyoto is free, and Weidman lands clean shots. Big right hand by Weidman and Machida is sporting a crimson mask. Weidman takes down Lyoto again. He has Lyoto’s back once more.  They’re up again and down again! Weidman is looking dominate this round. More ground and pound and Machida is a bloody mess when they stand back up. Machida has his head kick blocked as we move to the championship rounds.


Round 4:

Machida opens the round with an inside leg kick.  Weidman is using his range and keeping his hand extended to prevent Machida from coming in.  Nice body kick by Machida.  Great exchange, but Machida gets the better of it.  Weidman attempts a takedown, but Machida pops right back up. Machida is starting to look tired, but he lands a HUGE left hook! Catches him again and Weidman is backing up! Weidman is breathing heavily! Weidman is eating shots and Machida is gaining confidence! Body kick by Machida! Another one! Jabs by Weidman as Machida is looking for another opening.  Takedown stuffed by Machida! Weidman is clearly the more tired fighter as this is the longest he’s ever been in a fight. ANOTHER stuffed takedown by Machida. Machida is bringing the pressure, Weidman with a knee, but a HUGE left by Machida as the round ends.


Round 5:

Final round starts with Machida chants.  Weidman fires off a takedown but misses.  HUGE bruise is visible on Weidman’s right side of his body.  Machida lands a huge left after Weidman misses a head kick. Takedown stuffed by Machida and Weidman looks for the kill. No kill. Weidman lands a big right, but Machida shakes it off. Stiff jab by Machida, but Weidman rocks him! Machida is back going forward! WHAT A FIGHT! Nice knee from Weidman and and elbow! USA chants now! Weidman gets the takedown and puts Machida on his back with almost a minute and a half left. Weidman slides into mount and now his back.  He flattens Machida out but nothing comes from it.  Machida has 20 seconds to do something and flurries!!!!! HE’S UNLOADING!!!! BUT THE HORN BLOWS!

We go to the cards.


Official result: Chris Weidman winner via unanimous decision (49-45, 48-47, 49-46)


That’s it for tonight! Until next time, stay beautiful, SciFighters!


Photo from UFC’s facebook