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UFC 175 Results: Marcus Brimage vs Russell Doane


First fight of the main card is between Marcus Brimmage (6-2) vs Russell Doane (13-3) in a bantamweight brawl.


Round 1:

Round starts with both men meeting in the middle.  There’s little, to no action as they’re circling each other.  Doane gets a takedown and passes Marcus’ butterfly guard.  He goes for a D’arce, but abandons it.  He works some ground and pound and takes Marcus’ back.  He has one hook in and looking for the second.  Finally has both hooks and fighting for a choke, but no success.  Great defense by Marcus, but he needs to spin out because Doane still has his back.  Marcus explodes out and they’re back standing!  Both guys land shots as the round ends.


Round 2: 

Round 2 begins with a front kick up the middle by Doane.  Marcus lands a huge shot and puts Doane on his butt.  Marcus swarms and Doane goes for a takedown, but Marcus backs up and they’re back standing.  Marcus lands a huge leg kick that drops Doane.  Doane pops up and switches stances and it’s obvious that he’s hurt.  Doane gets a takedown and has Marcus’ back once more.  Marcus gets up, but Doane is smothering him.  Marcus backs away and both men trade shots for a while as the round ends.


Round 3: 

Both guys are circling and exchange some shots here and there.  Marcus is finding great success with the leg kick.  Another leg kick drops Doane. ANOTHER LEG KICK drops Doane.  Why Marcus isn’t jumping on top when Doane goes down is baffles me. Doane goes for a takedown, but fails and Marcus ends up on top.  However, he gets up as he’s doing very well in the stand up game.  Doane is now expecting the leg kicks and dodging a few of them.  More brief exchanges as they battle to the finish.


The question is, will dropping Doane with leg kicks win Marcus the fight?


Official result: Russell Doane via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)


Shame on the judge that scored it 30-27

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