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WSOF 11Co-Main Event Results; Jon Fitch Takes Dennis Hallman to the Whippin’ Post


After 4 tries, Fitch finally has an opponent in the form of the Superman, Dennis Hallman who comes out in American Flag clad and no speedo attire.

185lb Middleweight Bout; Jon Fitch (25-6) vs Dennis Hallman (53-14-2)

Round 1: Hallman lands a body kick, then a leg kick and Fitch answers with a leg kick and lands some uppercuts. Dennis lands an uppercut to Fitch’s face but Jon drops Dennis with a right and enters guard and thus begins the “Fitch Grind.” Hallman tries for a guillotine but to no avail and Fitch lands elbows but Dennis goes for an arm-bar but also fails. Jon postures up and lands some punches but eats a side elbow from Dennis. Fitch starts landing harder shots from the top and his elbows land with evil intent until the round ends.

Round 2: Fitch lands hard stiff jabs early then a hard take down and the fans cheer him on loudly. Fitch lands punches again from the top, Jon rakes his elbow across Dennis’s face and lands more elbows from this position and just continues the onslaught. Dennis drops for a heal hook but Fitch uses that to transition into side mount and the elbows from the “Fitch Grind” resume. Jon lands harder punches from the top and the round ends.

Round 3: Leg kick from Jon and a hard jab, then a hard right drops Hallman, and Fitch swarms. Jon lands hard half axe hands to the side of an extremely red faced Hallman, then Jon paces himself. Jon continues the “Fitch Grind” landing hard shots from the guard. Then Fitch landed a super hard right hand to super man, postured up and landed heavy rights and lefts until the round ended.

Official Decision: Jon Fitch def. Dennis Hallman via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)