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SciFighting MMA World Cup; Brazil vs Colombia


Today Brazil defeated Colombia 2-1 in the World Cup.

Judging by how hard it was to find a team for Colombia and how Team Brazil is made up of champions and former champions, I’m nervous for this outcome.

Jose Aldo def. Danny Chavez = 1 point for Brazil

(Current UFC Featherweight Champion and has been pretty dominant as of late, Chavez has yet to enter the UFC.)

Anderson Silva def. Eleider Alvarez = 1 point for Brazil

(Former longtime UFC Middleweight Champion and widely considered as the GOAT and Alvarez is strictly a pro-boxer.)

Junior Dos Santos def. Santander Silgado = 1 point for Brazil

(Former UFC Heavyweight Champion has size, reach, strength and versatility over Silgado.)

Cris Santos def. Marcela Yineris = 1 point for Brazil

(Former Strikeforce Women’s Champion and current Invicta FC Champion against a 0-1 Marcela…Yikes)

Soo if I were a a match-maker I’d probably be fired. O well.

Brazil def. Colombia 4-0