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The Day in MMA: The Ronda Rousey Show Continues

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

So is Alexis Davis the one to beat Ronda Rousey? Probably not, but only Davis and Rousey know the answer to that question.

Rousey is the most dominant fighter in the UFC right now, and outside of Miesha Tate for a couple of minutes, no one has been able to look even close to her level.

Rousey’s dominance resembles that of a young Mike Tyson, who began his career at a stunning 37-0. Can Rousey continue to dominate without anyone touching her? Yeah, she can. And she could probably do it for a long, long time.

Rousey made everybody laugh this week when she snubbed a reporter at a media scrum who asked her if she was having enough sex leading up to the fight with Davis. Rousey had made previous comments that sex before fights builds her testosterone levels.

When the reporter was done asking his question Rousey turned her head and said, “someone who isn’t an a@@hole.” Rousey obviously didn’t want to talk about sex. It’s not the question a fighter would ask Fedor Emelianenko before a fight, so she probably has a right to be pissed off, although she probably could have handled it more professionally by answering the question in a more sophisticated way.

Nonetheless, Rousey and all the other female fighters are fighting for equality in MMA and shutting the reporting done quickly, in the end, is probably what it takes to get reporters to not ask such questions.

The other story of Saturday night’s UFC 175 is Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida. Weidman will fight someone other than Anderson Silva for the first time since July, 2012, when he defeated Mark Munoz. Weidman looks to continue to prove that his victories over Silva were no flukes.

In the first fight a year ago, Weidman KO’d Silva, but only after Silva was clowning around, putting his face and chin out, asking to be hit. Weidman hit him and ended the Silva reign of dominance. In the rematch last December, Silva broke his leg kicking Weidman and that was the end that.

Everyone is high again on Machida, who seems to have found his mojo again after Jon Jones turned his lights out. The loss is behind him, but Machida takes far fewer risks these days inside the cage. He has one-kick knockout power, but if Weidman takes him down before Machida can head kick him, the Dragon may go to sleep again.

Also Saturday night the exciting World Series of Fighting stages WSOF 11, headlined by lightweight champion Justin Gaethje vs. Nick Newell, the one-armed fighter who stuns every time he steps inside the cage.

Both fighters are 11-0 and the match-up showcases two rising MMA stars.