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Yes Team USA was taken out yesterday and the World Cup has become significantly less important to the average American sports fan.

But what if a website made a World Cup of their own based on the teams that were left in the actual FIFA World Cup?

SciFighting has.

It still means no sight of Team USA but it will still be fun.


Here’s how it works; 4 Fighters per country, weight divisions of 125-155, 156-185, 186-205+, and a women’s division. And like soccer, scoring will come at a minimum, weight division matchup victories (based on our opinions) will score one point. If the countries tie then winner goes to the winner of the soccer match, if the results differ from the soccer match we will take note and compare.

The time to look up the best fighters from their country was a no-brainer for some and took extensive research from others, (Thanks a lot Costa Rica).

If the two fighters are currently listed in the UFC and are on the game then we will run a simulation.

There will be captains of each team just to provide a face and will be based again by the SciFighting staff opinion on their individual credentials.

The match-up between the countries will be put on the website the day they play in real life and we will provide the results of the soccer match as well as the voted on MMA tournament bouts, IE; Germany takes on France Friday afternoon and the matchup on here will be put up sometime that day.

The teams will be introduced in the next 2 days leading up to the games, and the fighters chosen aren’t on an all-time basis just current representatives.

Just for fun this was going to be Team America; (C) denotes the team captain.

125-155; Current UFC Flyweight Champion, Demetrious Johnson (20-2-1)

(C) 156-185; Current UFC Middleweight Champion, Chris Weidman (11-0)

186-205+ Current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones (20-1)

Women’s; Current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Rhonda Rousey (9-0)

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Aaron Portier
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