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Top Bellator Talent Sound Off Exclusively on Promotion Changes


“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”

A quote from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Plenty of changes have happened in the current, nationally recognized “Number 2” MMA promotion, Bellator. A change of face and maybe format, which could be looming but remains uncertain nonetheless.

What it boils down to is the talent, the fighters, the reasons why Bellator has come as far as it has, a very crafty and opinionated roster that had an outlet to voice their thoughts.

SciFighting is that outlet.

Current Bellator gladiators sounded off on the topics of the switch from Bjorn to Coker and the possibility of strictly match-made fights over what made Bellator standout, the tournaments.

Recently signed former UFC combatant, Light Heavyweight Tom Deblass (9-2);
“I’m excited to be working with Mr. Coker (Scott). He has proved himself to be great…Now give me Tito (Ortiz) dammit.”

Bellator Season 10 Featherweight Semi-Finalist, Matt Bessette (13-5);
“They are likely re-doing the contracts because there is no more tournament. This could mean more money for the fighters. If you think about it, something like a quarter-million is tied up in each tournament bracket. 2 or 3 brackets a season is ton of tied up money on hopeful exciting fights. Take a portion of that money and give it to guys that you know are promising and exciting *cough* *cough* me, and you’ll get happier fighters that are more likely to stay around longer. The left over can go to the Bellator staff, bonuses for the fighters, merchandising etc. Coker could be real good for Bellator and a step in the right direction.”

Former Bellator Lightweight Number 1 contender and Season 6 Welterweight Semi-Finalist, David Rickels (15-3);
“I always had a pretty good relationship with Bjorn, I do however like the big change towards no tournaments. You can make fights the fans want to see much easier. It only presents one problem, my contract is currently based off getting into the tournament to get into bigger money. Right now I’m just wondering how the changes are going to affect me, money wise.”

Former Bellator Season 10 Featherweight Tournament Semi-Finalist and recently out of a brief retirement, Will Martinez (9-3-1);
“I think this is great for Bellator, it’s a new start for the organization and I’m glad they are stopping the tournament. Physically it’s just too hard and the better fighter doesn’t always win. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few weeks.”

Former Bellator Season 10 Featherweight Finalist, Desmond Green (11-3);
“Umm I’m not sure what I think yet, I just want to get back in the cage and fight again as soon as I can. Changes or no changes, I have a mission, but I think it will be interesting on how they structure the fights without the tournament now if they do leave the format.”

Former Scott Coker Promoted, Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, former Bellator Interim Light Heavyweight Number 1 contender and Season 10 Light Heavyweight Finalist, “King Mo” Muhammed Lawal (12-4);
“Whatever (Scott) Coker is down with, King Mo is down with that too. Now can you dig that?!”

Former Pride Middleweight Champion, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and Bellator Season 10 Light Heavyweight Tournament Winner, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (35-11);
“I’m sorry to hear about the changes, but I’m just focusing on life right now and enjoying it at that.”

Current Bellator Summer Series Light Heavyweight Semi-Finalist, Liam Mcgeary (7-0);
“I’m excited to see what Mr. Scott Coker is going to do with Bellator now. There’s a lot of good guys in here and there’s a chance for some great fights to happen. As for the tournament, as long as I get to make my money and still get my shot at the title. It can be a tourney fight or a regular fight, a fight is a fight to me, I’m happy either way.