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UFC Fight Night 43 Auckland Results; Charles Oliveira becomes first to tap Hatsu Hioki


2nd fight of the main card of UFC Fight Night 43 features 2 slick featherweights

145lb Featherweight Bout; Charles Oliveira (17-4) vs Hatsu Hioki (27-7-2)

Round 1: Charles lands a quick take-down but not for long and both are back up but Hioki attempts a flying triangle to no avail and Oliveira attempts a standing guillotine to no avail as well. Amazing grappling early on, and Hioki has Charles’s back while Oliviera tries to stand and does and presses Hatsu against the fence, pulls guard but eats straight hands from Hatsu momentarily. Both stand up and Hatsu lands a knee to the face of Charles, Hioki follows up by pressing Oliveira against the cage. Charles reverses and lands a take-down, and atempts a d’arce choke but fails on the hold but lands a knee to the body on the ground before the bell rings.

Round 2: Hatsu lands a left-right combo, but inhales knees to the body from Charles who somewhat pulls guard and sweeps for a leg-lock. Oliveira lets go and is accidentally poked in the eye on his way of standing up. He’s asked if he can fight and he answers yes. Charles starts with a front kick and lands a short elbow, he takes Hatsu down but Hioki lands on top. Oliveira lands elbows from the bottom, and continues the elbows on point from his back. Charles stands up and attempts a guillotine but Hioki slips out of the hold to maintain top position. Hatsu now has full side control and lands short elbows. Hioki takes the back of Oliveira and goes for a rear naked choke, and easily Charles slips out and sneaks his limbs around Hatsu’s neck and gulliotine’s him in a fast transition.

Official Decision;  Charles Oliveira def. Hatsu Hioki via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:32 of Round 2.