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Future of MMA: Youth Feature Aaron Singer


While attending Cage Fury Fighting Championships in New Jersey this writer came in contact with Aaron Singer and his father Rich Singer. Aaron is 6 years old and from Pottsville, Pennsylvania.I noticed his father taking pictures of him by the cage. As I walked behind him I heard this young man yelling wrestling moves at the fighters. He was standing on the chairs with excitement in his eyes. He exhibited the clear ability to process the technique in each fight. I had to find out more about this little fan.

His father later informed me that he and his wife have always been into fitness and supported Aaron’s love of MMA. Aaron is going into his second year of wrestling and his goal to be a UFC fighter.

This young man has exhibited true athleticism at a young age, running a 5k in 27 minutes. He has received the rookie of the year award. He not only has the goal of being in the UFC but also on the show Ninja Warrior.

His father stated that his sons love for MMA started very you. He watches it on TV and learns new techniques from youtube. The young athlete puts on his gloves and practices on his heavy bag at home. Wrestling has been very beneficial to Aaron and his father is grateful that his school still offers the program. This proves that youth sports have a positive effect on this younger generation of athletes. It also shows that the sport of MMA can have a positive effect on youth. His Parents are supportive of his passion for sports and support him in every way they can, including bringing him to live fights when they are in town.

Whether we see Aaron on Ninja Warrior or on TV as a Mixed Martial Artist, we look forward to his progress. With passion, drive ability and support from his parents there is endless possibilities.

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Autumn Ziemba
Autumn’s interest in Martial Arts began in her early teens through her father and brother. They trained together for several years. During those years she was also active in Sports. Autumn took a break from Martial Arts and athletics to pursue her education. She completed her Undergraduate Degree at Oneonta State College in Sociology with a concentration in Pre-professional Human Services. She then studied Social Sciences at Binghamton University receiving her Masters in Social Science in 2009. Her passion lies in Gender equality for sports and facets of Mixed Martial Arts. She currently works as a Criminal Justice Professional. Writing is a passion of hers and she enjoys engaging with people of various backgrounds to gain an understanding of different perspectives in the world of MMA.