Home Events GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Joe Schilling vs. Artem Levin (Middleweight Tournament Final)

GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Joe Schilling vs. Artem Levin (Middleweight Tournament Final)

(Photo Courtesy via GLORY Sports International)

Joe Schilling battles Artem Levin in the middleweight tournament final. Both fighters fought twice tonight already. They also fought each other at GLORY 10, a fight Levin lost by decision.

Levin connected with a spinning back fist that knocked Schilling down. Schilling is up and Levin is all over him with punches. Schilling grabs him and holds on. Schilling seems to have regained his composure and backs Levin’s second attempt at a spinning back fist. Schilling’s head is swollen. Levin stared him down to end the round.

Round 2

The two got tangled and Schilling fell to the mat. Levin looks to be the fresher of the two fighters. Levin is getting his punches off first. Every time Levin closes the distance Schilling grabs him and holds on. The two are locked up against the ropes. Schilling seems to have lost the energy he had in the first with Simon Marcus.

Round 3

Levin fights with his hands low, but Schilling isn’t taking advantage of it. Schilling went for a spinning back kick and missed by a mile. Schilling grabbed him again and Levin threw him off. Levin grabbed him and Schilling complained to the referee. The referee took a point away from Levin for grabbing him, a point that could hurt Levin in a decision.

The fight goes to the scorecards. With the point taken away, the fight could go to a fourth round if the judges gave the first two rounds to Levin. Schilling appeared spent from his fights prior in the evening.

In a unanimous decision, the judges scored the fight 29-26 for Artem Levin.