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GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Joe Schilling vs. Wayne Barrett (Last Man Standing Semifinal)

(Photo Courtesy via Glory World Series)

Joe Schilling came to the ring in a T-shirt, dropping the prison outfit he wore for the first fight.

Schilling in a pre-fight interview said he would fight better than he did against Simon Marcus, a fight he nearly lost, but rallied to knock Marcus out in stunning fashion in the fourth round.

Schilling and Barrett are feeling each other out inside the ring. Schilling is throwing more punches than the lefty Barrett. Schilling missed with a spinning back fist. Barrett keeps leading with right hands, but isn’t connecting.

Round 2

Schilling looks fresh and Barrett doesn’t appear to want to engage. He’s keeping a safe distance from Schilling, and his knockout power. Schilling switched to left-handed stance and got caught. Schilling looks frustrated with Barrett’s apathy and is moving forward throwing punches. He missed a spinning back fist and then connected with a spinning back kick to the chest. Barrett is backing up and Schilling is getting frustrated.

Schilling caught Barrett’s leg and pushed him back against the ropes. A counter left hand by Schilling. A big right hand by Schilling.

Round 3

Barrett will need a finish to win the fight.

Schilling caught him with a leg kick to the side of the body. Schilling is following Barrett around. Barrett caught him with a short counter-punch. Schilling is slowing down and Barrett caught him again with the same punch. Barrett isn’t doing much but waiting for Schilling to punch and attempt to counter him. Both fighters look tired.

The crowd is cheering for Schilling as the round ends.

Schilling won the fight by split decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 28-29.  Schilling now advances to face Artem Levin in the final later tonight.