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GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Artem Levin vs. Filip Verlinden (Last Man Standing Semifinal)

(Photo Courtesy via GLORY Sports International)

The winners from earlier in the evening collide in the semifinals of the Last Man Standing Tournament

Round 1

Levin landed several punches and kicks and pushed the action, putting Levin back on his toes. Verlinden’s back is red from his earlier fight with Pereira.

Round 2

Levin looks like the faster, fresher fighter. Levin misses with a spinning back fist. He’s following Verlinden around the ring like he’s trying to go to a finish.

Round 3

Levin  connects with a spinning backfist. Verlinden looks spent as though he’s just trying to survive and not win the fight. Levin backs him up against the ropes and lands a big right hand. The two box in the ring and Levin lands a leg kick. He catches Verlinden’s leg kick and pushes him back on the mat. The fight ends with the two throwing punches against the ropes.

Levin pushed the action and Verlinden seemed happy to just be there.

The judges scored the fight 30-27 for Levin, who advances to the finals.