Home Events GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Shane Oblonsky vs. Gabriel Varga (Featherweight Tournament Final)

GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Shane Oblonsky vs. Gabriel Varga (Featherweight Tournament Final)


Shane Oblonsky battles Gabriel Varga in the finals of the Featherweight Contender Tournament final.

Round 1:

The two are feeling each other out to star the round. Both fighters appear slower now than in their first fights. Varga missed a big spinning back-fist. He hurt Oblonsky with a front kick to the chin, but Oblonsky battled back and landed aflurry of punches.

Now he’s landing with combinations that sent Varga’s head snapping back. The two are trading punches.

Varga landed a right hand, followed by left, sending Oblonsky backing up.

The round ended  with Oblonsky slipping to the mat.

Round 2:

The pace has slowed down, but both fighters are still throwing big punches and kicks. Varga is on the offensive. Oblonsky caught a leg kick and swept Varga to the mat.

The fighters threw a lot of punches, but few connected. Both fighters seem tired going into the final round.

Round 3:

Both fighters are looking to win the fight by taking the round.  Varga is pushing the action, keeping the fight in close quarters. Varga is coming at him from all angles, throwing combinations and kicks. Oblonsky has spent most of the round with his back in the corner. Oblonsky has slowed down and Varga is countering the punches that Varga does throw.

Round ends with Varga on the offensive.

Gabriel Varga wins the fight by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

Varga was awarded with a trophy after the fight.