Home Events GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Jarrell Miller vs. Mirko Cro Cop (Heavyweight)

GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Jarrell Miller vs. Mirko Cro Cop (Heavyweight)

Photo via k-1.tv

The MMA icon Mirko Cro Cop sauntered to the ring like a professional wrestler with Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” playing.

Cro Cop has has a big-time aura about him.

Miller brought the flash too, walking to the ring with Dr. Dre and Tupac’s rap classic “California Love.”

In his prime, Cro Cop probably would have made quick work of Miller, but tonight could be a different story.

Miller’s physique looks like a smaller Big E. Langston. The crowd is clearly behind Cro Cop. Miller is not afraid of Cro Cop’s power, pushing the action and coming in at him. Miller kneed him low and Cop sat down to recover.

Miller is up and down like a boxer and Cro Cop is waiting on him looking to land a big punch. Cop missed a big spinning kick. Cro Cop landed a major left leg kick to Miller’s arm.

Round is over and Miller appears to have lost some of the swagger that he entered the ring with.

Round 2:

Cro Cop has a big red mark on his back. Miller is getting closer in this round, but Cro Cop keeps pushing him back with kicks. Both fighters look tired and referee Big John McCarthy separates them.

Cro Cop is looking to time him coming in with a punch. The two are backed into the corner and Cro Cop lands a left leg kick to Miller’s side. Cro Cop missed another leg kick as the round ends.

Round 3:

Cro Cop caught him with a right hand to start the round. He landed another leg kick, and another, but Cro Cop is down from a leg kick that landed low.

Cro Cop is back up and both fighters seem content trading punches. Cro Cop lands a big leg kick to the head that rocked Miller, and Miller retaliated with knee that landed low. Cro Cop is down again to recover. McCarthy warned Miller about the low kicks.

Cro Cop is landing a lot of kicks now. He landed another left hook. Miller is coming in but isn’t doing much. Cro Cop landed one more big left leg kick to end the round and the night of live GLORY action on Spike TV

Mirko Cro Cop won the fight by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28, to a huge reaction from the crowd.